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Keno game ? How to play keno?

I dont know anything about this game but bored of blackjack and roulette. Any tips about how to play it ?

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    It is an easy game. There are some good articles on about keno. I write some of them here. You can visit the site for more. I hope it helps.





    While it is certainly not one of the big casino games as far as online casino image games are concerned, at the same time you will be able to find Keno to play at most online casinos as well as land based casinos. It has become a part of the casino staple over the years and despite not getting the recognition that games like roulette, craps and blackjack enjoy, at the same time there are a number of people that specifically go to the casino so that they can play Keno.


    The goal of the game in Keno is to between 1 and 20 numbers on a card from 80 possible numbers that will match up to 20 different numbers drawn by the house when every player has chosen their numbers. The more cards that match and the higher the initial wager, the better the result for people.

    Bad Reputation

    One of the main reasons perhaps that Keno does not have the same following and name recognition as blackjack, roulette or craps is the fact that government gambling regulation in terms of house limits and house edges does not extend to keno and this has allowed many casinos to up the pay scales and create different pay tables that are extremely advantageous to them. In fact, there are some keno games where the house edge can be as high as 66%, which when compared to the average house edge of around 2.5% on other non-slot casino games is something that is extremely obscene.

    However, at the same time, what you will find is that most offline casinos will offer many different pay tables and allow you as a customer to choose the one that you want to play on. This means that you can effectively choose the house edge for the game that you play and therefore if you are knowledgeable enough about the mathematics of the game you can keep the house edge as low as possible. For example, there are some offline casinos that have keno games with house edges as low as 4% and therefore some of the bad reputation of the keno game is unfairly received.

    Online Reputation

    The interesting thing about Keno as it relates to online casinos is that the reputation issue is taken to the next level of extreme. Whereas some offline gambling institutions will take advantage of people in order to try and offer ridiculous bets like the 66% house edge bet mentioned above, there are also casinos that try to balance that out and get the reputation of the game back to neutral by offering extremely reasonable house edge percentages like 4%.

    This is pronounced to a degree that is almost ridiculous in the online casino world. In casinos that have software packages that they created themselves, they have a lot of flexibility over their Keno games and many of them will actually go ahead and try to offer bets that are classical “sucker bets” in which the player has absolutely no chance of winning anything at any time.

    However, there are also other online casinos such as Microgaming casinos that will offer very fun and reasonable Keno games in order to balance this out and when that is considered in the big picture you can see how shopping around and finding an online casino with a very good mathematical house edge is crucial if you happen to be a person that plans on playing a lot of Keno.

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    A Brief Overview of Keno

    Keno is a game that is more like a lottery. The game is supposed to have originated long ago in China, dating back to a few centuries. The game was supposed to have come to the West along with immigrant workers in the 1800s, and gained popularity only after the 1930s, when Nevada legalized gambling.

    Today, you can play keno both offline as well as online. If you are new to Keno, you would do well to know the different terms used in the game. What is an 'all or nothing'? Or a 'ball game'? What does someone mean when he uses the term 'buy-in tournament'? This article provides a glossary of these and some other terms used in Keno.

    Some Important Keno Terms to Know

    Keno: This is today's version of an ancient Chinese lottery. You get to draw 20 numbers out of a total of 80 (nowadays the total is 120), and you win if you are able to correctly guess the numbers drawn.

    All or Nothing: This is a term used in Keno to represent a ticket that pays only if you draw all the numbers picked, or if you draw none of the numbers picked.

    Ball Game: This is the most common form of Keno nowadays. In this form of the game, plastic balls represent the numbers.

    Blank: This is a term used to represent an unused Keno ticket.

    Blower: The blower is part of the machine that is used to dispense the plastic balls used in Keno. With the blower, the game operator can force the balls into a tube, using air.

    Buy-in Tournament: This is a type of Keno tournament where you have to pay a pre-determined fee upfront. Once you pay the fee, you are eligible to play in a specific number of games or play a set number of tickets. In a buy-in tournament, you get to keep any money you win.

    Cage: The cage is no longer used in Keno games today. Basically, it was a wire cage used in the earlier days to hold Keno balls. Today, you mostly find plastic hoppers. The term 'cage' also denotes a specific area in a casino where only employees are allowed, and where you can find Keno workers.

    Catch: This is a term used to denote a number that you have called in a Keno game.

    Catch-all: This is a type of Keno game where you have to get all the numbers marked on your ticket. Another game is Catch-zero, where you must ensure you do not get any of the numbers that you have marked on your ticket.

    Close: This is a term used to identify that period in time when the casino stops writing any more Keno tickets. The time period usually stretches from just prior to the draw till immediately after the draw.

    Fractional Rate Ticket: This term is used to represent a ticket that you can play for a fraction of the standard rate.

    High End Ticket: This term is used to refer to a Keno ticket that pays you more if you catch a high number of spots. However, if you catch a lower number of spots compared to the standard ticket, you win less or even no money.

    High Roller Ticket: This is a Keno ticket whose minimum pricing is high.

    House Edge: This term is used to represent the percentage of bets that the house, i.e. the casino, can hope to win over time. The standard house edge is 30%, though this number is not necessarily the same for all casinos.

    Keno Glossary – Summing Up

    The above are some of the terms that you will encounter when you start playing Keno. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, and you would do well to read up more about the large number of terms related to Keno before going ahead and trying your luck at the game.

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    Many Las Vegas casinos have slowly phased out Keno. Once a popular numbers game that you could play while you were sitting down to lunch, it has slowly begun to disappear.

    However, it is still prominent in many casinos and still very much a part of the online atmosphere. Even the new microgaming casino features Keno.

    Keno was actually invented in ancient China in roughly 200 B.C. While its actual origins are unclear, legend has it that a version of Keno was used to raise money to build the Great Wall of China.

    The game became popular in the United States when Chinese immigrants brought it with them in the 1800s.

    Modern day Keno is played with a card and numbers to be checked off.

    Online play is even easier; you simply pick an amount you wish to wager, click on 15 numbers from 1 through 80.

    The computer then randomly chooses 20 numbers one at a time. The more you have correct, the more money you make. Should you actually catch all 15 of your numbers, the payout is 10,000 to 1.

    While this is unlikely, you can still make nice money at keno.

    Keno is very much like the lottery; it is random numbers and gambling at its purest form. However, there are some rules you can follow. The more numbers you pick, the more chances you have to make more money. But you also have to hit more numbers to collect. Picking just one number and hitting it will pay 2-1. But picking 15 and hitting all of them pays 10,000-1.

    Most casinos will tell you to pick at least 11 numbers, because the payout is a potential 3,000-1 for hitting everything, while you only need to catch three numbers to break even.

    Since keno is a pure gambling game, it is really recommended you play all 15 numbers and go for the biggest scores possible.

    After all, this is gambling at its purest.

    There is no particular skill to picking numbers since they are randomly generated. Use birthdays, favorite dates, whatever you like. Each draw is independent of the last and each game stands on its own, so there is on set pattern you can follow.

    Whether it is an old or a new microgaming casino, keno is a nice way to pass the time with small investments and a potentially monster payday. While the house collects a higher percentage of keno than most games, it is a nice, relaxing, play the numbers kind of game.

    In reality, the best skill to practice is keno is simply to have fun. C

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