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Movie similar to Rocket Science?

Anyone know one?

Personally I think nothing could ever compare to it

I was so attracted to Reece Thompson in the movie too


To the people answering with movies with the word Science or Rocket in it,

or anything relevant to the actual term Rocket Science. If you watch the movie, you will realise, its not about actual Rocket Science

Update 2:

Nor am i looking for any movies relevant to actual Rocket Science

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    Year : 2007

    Movies Similar :

    The Funhouse

    The Nanny Diaries

    Edge of Seventeen

    Dan in Real Life

    Lonesome Jim

    Reece Thompson in Rocket Science :

    Hal Heffner (Reece Thompson) is just an ordinary , no frills high-school kid who happens to have a severe stutter. He has a some-what broken home life, living with his older, bullying, thief of a brother, Earl (Vincent Piazza).

    Hal Heffner is an innocently gawky young high school kid, portrayed in a should-be career-making performance by Reece Thompson, who has a severe stuttering problem and experiences a change of events that he finds to have had a tempestuous emotional effect on him that I'm just dying to give away but won't. From this point on, we share those emotions, because it's nearly impossible not to throw in all your chips for this kid. The reason is because growing up, frankly, is hard. Once one has done it, one doesn't feel like it was as hard as it was, but at the time, it most definitely was. Watching this film, we watch this naive stuttering boy crippled by inhibitions and shyness mature, reaching the extremes of anger, confusion, love, intellectual growth, and introspection.

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    Rocket man is an older film from 1997 but it is very funny and entertaining.

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    Weird Science. 1985 a John Hughes classic- but probably his worst one.

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