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what astrology?

astrology influence

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    Astrology is a form of divination—an attempt to foresee the future or discover secrets through omens or contact with the supernatural. Its adherents claim the stars and planets have an influence on earthly events—and that this influence can be understood and then used for one’s advantage.

    Astrologers believe the constellations through which the sun’s orbit passes during a solar year, called the zodiac constellations, affect individuals and nations. They attribute particular importance to the alignment of these heavenly bodies at the time of a person’s birth, which they believe determines his or her character traits and destiny. The most well-known form of astrology today is the daily star chart, or horoscope.

    Human lives are defined by decisions, large and small. The choices we make have a bearing on our success, happiness, effectiveness and even our very identity. This is simple common sense.

    People noticed that children of the same parents, raised in the same home, nevertheless displayed very different personalities and abilities: (Lacking any knowledge of DNA or genetics) it seemed reasonable to explain this by planetary influence. (The opponents of astrology countered that twins often enjoyed very different fortunes.)

    "It is the stars,

    The stars above us, govern our conditions;

    Else one self mate and mate could not beget

    Such different issues"

    (King Lear 4.3)

    to cite:,

    Venus bows gracefully out of her own party on June 13, moving into Mercury's sign, Gemini. This puts Mercury and Venus into an exchange of signs that will last through July 6, and really creates a lovely, supporting environment for creativity, relationship and all forms of communication

    (based on planetay positions )

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    Like Dechovka said, Astrology has been a great help for me to understand myself and why I do what I do , I know there is free will involved and it is not an excuse or reason for something I have done but still I got to know I am more prone to certain things in this life.It also help me aware of my weakness and potential pitfalls and also my strengths so I can make good use of them. Astrology also helps me understand others better and how to relate to them . I am spiritual in a sense that I do follow some buddha teachings. Maybe I dont follow them full on now, but still I try to seek contentment in myself. I am also trying to understand that certain things in life do not appear as they are, most of the time, I seek for the true meaning behind everything people say or do or how things happen/turn out the way they do . I also believe in a higher being ( not neccessarily The God that we know about - man, this one is one irritated god - my way or the hight way road ) , this higher being for me is nature and karma. I believe there are things that we can not explain or take a hold. This higher being is universal and us , as individual human being , is wired or connected to each other this way. I believe in the union of the souls. I feel that we have many lives , when this life ends, we will continue to live another one, completely physically separated of this life, but the soul is still the same but lay dormat/sub-concious and if we are lucky, sometimes we may have a moment where we know we " have been there before " So in a way , spirituality and astrology is connected as everything else in the universe. In this case, the nodes have their role and also the moon and neptune , the 12th house....if we are able to full understand the 12th house and its planets placements....I think maybe we could take a peek into our own spirituality.

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    Astrology is the study of the movement of the planets and the stars and it defines how these stars and planets influence us in our daily lives. Although most of us know a little about astrology but a skilled astrologer views the stars and planets as life forces that are experienced within each of us.

    Though God knows our future, rest assured we have not been stripped of our free will! Astrology only tells us tendency, personality and probability. Astrologers try to describe tendencies in the characters of individuals, to suggest dangers, challenges and opportunities which may come to them, and to advise how to react to odd circumstances when they do arrive. For knowing our future, behavior, personality we read horoscope prediction or about our zodiac sign but the profound analyses of horoscope is only narrated using Astrology.

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    Horoscopy is the examine of the effect that remote cosmic things, usually superstars and exoplanets, have about human lifestyles. The position in the sun, superstars, moon in addition to planets during people's labor and birth (not their particular conception) is considered to condition their individuality, affect their particular romantic human relationships and anticipate their economical fortunes, between other divinations.

    What most everyone knows about horoscopy is their particular "sign, inches which identifies one of the 13 constellations in the zodiac. This can be a form of sun-sign astrology, which can be the horoscopy upon which paper horoscopes usually are based. It truly is probably the most basic form, since nothing more than typically the date regarding someone's special birthday is needed to create a sun-sign horoscope. Several astrologers can confirm that this kind of astrology is very simplistic which it produces very restricted results.

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    Astrology is not your daily horoscope. How could 1/12th of the world's population have the same fate as you? Real Astrology is so much more. Your personality has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a blend of elements unique to you.

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    Astrology is the the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.It is study of the correlation between the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth. Astrologers believe that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the time of a person's birth have a direct influence on that person's character.

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    Astrology could be true if there are patterns in psychosocial behavior. People act differently throughout the year, the media focuses on different things, people's emotions and attitudes will be different in general depending on the time of year it is and things like the weather. This would've been even more true if you go back into history with harvests happening at certain times a year and a far higher percentage of people engaged in agriculture.

    So people acting differently could subtly effect the development of babies and children's personalities. They would all be exposed to all times of the year of course, but being exposed to people having different moods and behaviors in different orders could have different effects.

    Even astrology itself could be self-reinforcing if people expect certain personality traits just because of someone's sign.

    I doubt it has anything to do with the planets, just human behavior.

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    It is a common practice among people to refer to horoscope for trying to know the future and also as a guidance but the whole effort is a futile exercise because the entrie prediction process is a mere guesswork. The great sages of our country warned us of the futility. When astrology came to India from Babylon via other middle-east countries, it was rejected by Indian sages on the ground that it is not useful to human life and society. The Vedas and the Upanishads condemned it as being born out of ignorance and also condemned worshipping the planets stating that it takes a person to the darkest regions of ignorance.. Great religious teachers like Sankaracharyya, Ramanuja, Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Mahapravu Chaitanya Deva, Guru Nanak Ji, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda and all great sadhus and saints never preached, practiced or advised people on the basis of such faith. Srimad Bhagbat Gita teaches us to have faith on our own self and on God alone.. Goutama Buddha prohibited his disciples to study and practice astrology. Guru Nanak Ji openly condemned such faith. Swami Vivekanand condemned it as a weakness of the mind. Though it was rejected by the sages and the religion, the priests, patronised by powerful kings studied, developed and popularised it and utilised it as a means of their livelihood.

    It may please be noted that the Vedas and the Upanisadas are the texts which are the bases and foundation of Hinduism and Hindu religion. When those texts condemn a subject, no other text can overrule that verdict and can neither authenticate nor endorse it.

    Stars and planets do not control or guide our lives and destiny. The archaic theories on which predictions are made have no logical or scientific basis. The theories of predictive astrology have no relation with astronomy or any other branch of science. Astrological theories are made on the since discarded Ptolemaic assumption that the earth is at the centre and the sun, the planets and the stars revolve around the earth. It also considers both sun and moon as planets as one of the Nav-grahas. But such idea has been proved to be incorrect. So the basic concept on which astrological calculations, positions of planets, stars and zodiacs and theories stand, has been proved wrong and therefore inapplicable. There are no logical or scientific explanation for the theories about ownership of zodiacs by planets, mutual enmity and friendship amongst the planets, the various aspects of planets, beneficial or malefic powers and aspects, exaltation and debilitation of planets and all such theories on which predictions are made. It is suggested to be courageous, have faith on your own self and on God, come out of all weaknesses and try to achieve your goals.

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    there is an excellent book called esoteric astrolgy as from the Tibetan master D.K. gievn out to Alice A. Bailey which has all the answers one will ever need in this lifetime. It is more to do with the soul rather than the personality of man which is his bugear so to speak.(

    Another astrologer was the late Alen Leo who was spot on with planets in signs etc.

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    The Planets, each resonating with a unique vibration of Solar light, are an integral part of our existence in this Solar system. The Sun, Moon and planets are energetically merged with the souls on earth - they feed us with cosmic energy. Thus, just as a body is made up of bones, fluid and flesh, so a soul is made up of astral elements from the Lights and planets, such as mercurial, lunar or martian energy.

    Tropical Astrology is a traditional method of mapping the positions of, and harmonic relationships between Celestial bodies (planets, Sun, Moon) - within the framework of the seasonal archetypes of the Zodiac Signs, and the Houses of the Nativity - which are determined by the daily rotational movement of the earth. Through the cosmic imprinting of each birth, event or moment in time, we can find the potential within our individual human consciousness, as well as the inpouring of energy that mirrors human evolution and events.

    Before birth, each of us chooses a birth time and place - in order to connect with certain other souls, work out past karma, and continue progressing as spirits in human form. There is also a certain element of chance - by necessity and design - that helps to make each of us unique and bring us surprises and new experiences.

    Learning about your Natal chart serves two key purposes: first, you may gain a better understanding of your inborn personality traits and how they serve to strengthen and nurture you; and second, you consciously reunite with the universal elements. This is a way of opening to the God-force, or universal light of which we are a part.


    The birth chart is divided into 12 sections, or Houses. They are numbered counter-clockwise, starting in the East (left), or Rising position. The sign at that point is your Rising Sign. The Sun, Moon & Planets are seen at different positions within the houses. Planets at the top of your chart, or near the Midheaven line, were overhead when you were born. Planets on the right hand side were setting, and planets at the bottom were beneath you (Nadir). Each house rules a different area or experience of life. Houses may appear to be different in size from each other. This is because of the commonly used Placidus house system, which accurately depicts the houses in time and space from our perspective. Planets which were retrograde are shown with an "Rx". These are planets that appear to be moving backwards through the Zodiac - but are roughly in the same orbital position around the Sun as the earth, and temporarily moving at a slower rate. The North and South Nodes are the points at which the Moon crossed the plane of the ecliptic (earth's orbital path) going north and south respectively.

    Astrology is not your daily horoscope. How could 1/12th of the world's population have the same fate as you? Real Astrology is so much more. Your personality has a bit of every sign and every planet, in a blend of elements unique to you.

    It's not the best way to decide what to do today. Regardless of what your astrologer or horoscope may say, your choices will ideally be based on your own inner voice, your higher self - the voice of reason and clarity. Whatever you may learn from a Transit or other predictive reading will hopefully give you insights into trends and possibilities in your future, with a focus on opportunities and feelings - not specific events. The intention will hopefully be to help you accept and prepare for your challenges.

    Astrology is not a religion, nor does it make one irreligious to use astrology. God - whomever or whatever that means to you - created our universe ages ago, and gave people varying visions of spiritual meaning for existence in this universe. One of those visions grew into the art of Astrology - in all it's many forms in various cultures. It is deeply ingrained in Eastern philosophies, and in the West it has been accepted more often than rejected by popular theology*. It is a living art, growing and changing with each new cosmic discovery.

    Your Natal Chart is not a way to cop out on personality problems. Whatever difficult traits you may have are meant to challenge you to become a better, stronger, more spiritual person

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