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What do you think of white ink or UV ink tattoos?

If you know of someone that has UV ink (can only be seen under a blacklight) or white ink (can barely be seen, example below), do you think it is cool that it is a "hidden" tattoo, or do you think the person is a wuss for not getting a "real" tattoo that can be noticed?

If you have a white ink or UV ink tattoo, why did you get it? Do you love it or hate it?

Here is a pic of a white ink tattoo:

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    Personally i think they are cool. I would not get one myself. I want my tattoos to be shown, the meaning behind them is that i want them to be there forever and to never leave me. I wouldn't want something that i would need to look for, they are meaningful enough to be bold and present.

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  • Me
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    1 decade ago

    I had never heard of it before now. It seems to defeat the purpose of a tattoo since it is art that is meant to be displayed... but for people who want a small tattoo in a visible area it might be a good alternative. Do they fade to almost nothing after awhile?

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