what does "the grass is always greener on ther other side of mountain" extactly mean?

i hear people always saying that, but what does that exactly mean, not literaly

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    In the UK we say, 'the grass is always greener on the other side.' Never heard the 'otherside of the mountain' bit before - interesting.

    It means that no matter what you have in life, what someone else has always looks better.

    Soo imagine a goat in a field - he has green grass all around him, but the goat in the other field seems to have lusher grass and so he will go over to the field to have what the other goat seems to have....but when he gets there he will realise it is not as he first thought and look back at his old field and think, 'hey - the grass was greener over there - look at them all having a good time.' and will want to go back.

    Lets say you have a married man who looks at his single friends and thinks they have the better deal - so he leaves his wife to have the single life again, but then realises it is not all he thought it was, and he begins to miss the stability and comforts of home, and wants to go back...

    Basically the saying is means that things might look good somewhere else but that is not necessarily true...because from the other side, what you have might look pretty good to them.

    LOL the more I try to explain it the more confusing it seems to get! I shall stop now before I give everyone a headache!

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    Meaning that from your perspective, what other people have is always going to look better than what you have. It about being jealous of other peoples things and never being satisfied with who you are and what you have. I really like a quote from the song Million Dollar Man by Kutlass that says "the grass isn't greener on this lonley side." Meaning, dont sacrifice everything and everyone trying to get a better life because youre just going to be stuck wishing for what you had.

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    what does "the grass is always greener on ther other side of mountain" extactly mean?

    i hear people always saying that, but what does that exactly mean, not literaly

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    To me the saying means that we look at our situation and compare it to someone else and feel that the other person is in a better position than we are. Or greener on the other side.

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  • dee k
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    Ones attitude to life ,no matter what you have & how good life is to you,you believe that it is comparitively duller than things on the other side of the field /fence or mountain for that matter . Nothing in comparision to what others have,permanent cause for disatisfation .

    Grass is the example chosen to bring home this deep truth .

  • 4 years ago

    This basically means that you see people with something or has something that you might think looks better than what you have , bit then , you soon realise that it's not so perfect so you want to stay where you are.

    Example : You see a woman with a child. So you decide you want to get a girlfriend , do your business and get her pregnant. Weeks later , she gets pregnant. After she tells you , you get extremely excited. 9 months later , the baby is born. At around 3AM , the baby starts crying. You try everything to hush the baby , but nothing works. You finally realise that you should've never got your girlfriend pregnant , then you think about killing your baby but you don't wanna hurt her. So , you decide to kill the baby and your girlfriend. Years later , you think back at what happened.

    So , basically , you never wanted a kid in the first place.

  • 5 years ago

    The distant things seem better. This is the meaning.

  • 1 decade ago

    Humans never get satisfied. They aspire for something and turn heaven and hell to get it, but once they have attained or obtained what they wanted, they simply ask for more.

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    mountain, fence, etc It means that you tend to devalue what you have available to you and overvalue that which is not.

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