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When will Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh Say Something Bigoted About Barack That Loses the Election for McCain?

Like Rush did with Michael J. Fox last year. We all know it's coming. It's just amatter of when. I say Coulter savages Michelle Obama in some nasty racist way. Rush will stick to general racism about Barack's name.

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    Its happened already. He can not keep from saying really stupid things.

    They just haven't reported it.

    Even Fox news was saying things like Obama baby momma.

    I do not understand how these people stay in buisness. I suppose there are just that many unintelligent people out there who will listen to anything.

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    What do you mean "when?"

    Either way, I doubt that this will have much of an impact. Both Limbaugh and Coulter disassociated themselves from McCain a long time ago. Coulter even went so far as to place herself squarely in Hillary Clinton's camp (where she would feel right at home with all the other bigots) I think they hate McCain about as much as they hate Obama.

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    Hannity will do it for them. Hannity and his obsession with Michelle Obama is bound to lead to some gaffe that will end Fox News. Then, there will be dancing in the streets due to the fall of Hannity and Fox News. I can't wait.

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    Typical White People!

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    ann coulter used to be andy coulter until a few years ago, you knew that already, right?

    and limbaugh is a drug addict, but you already knew that, too.

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    Apparently you've decided every word out of their mouths is racist so you don't even listen to (or read) them at all. Don't worry, it's an easy dodge, one taken by MANY.

    But the TRUE answer is no.

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