house electrical problem?

when we moved in the house we have the washer and dryer downstairs in the basement.. when we turned the dryer on there would be a minor power surge through the house. we got 2 window ac units like 2 weeks ago. and like 3 or 4 days ago we had a power surge and well its still surging!!! nothing is at full throttle, we have to have multiple things off for 1 thing to cable modem doesnt even have enough power to generate the internet (its a battery backup modem and when theres not enough power it dont give internet cause it runs off battery, and its running off battery cause the outlet isnt giving up enough juice for it to recognize it) everything electrical takes times to build up...our ac units, fans, everything besides TVs they turn on and off just fine..but everything is unplugged right now so im able to use the internet to ask FOR YOUR HELP, im not rich so plz just tell me whats wrong

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  • Dave
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    1 decade ago
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    USA I think you do not mean a surge. A surge is the same as the wall of water rushing down a river after a dam breaks. What you might be experiencing is just the opposite of a surge - you might not have enough capacity to run all the appliances and gadgets you have.

    Call a licensed electrician and have a survey performed of your house and its electrical usage (load). You can also perform this survey. Lights are rated for the maximum wattage allowed per fixture, not the wattage of the lamp you have in the fixture. Review all items that use electricity in the home, and when they do. Total up all the watts used in the house. Then, break it down to what loads can be used at the same time during the day. That is your peak, and you must have adequate service for the peak usage. For example, If all the lights were on, and the dryer, and the washer, and range, and dishwasher and garbage disposal, and electric heat, etc...etc... how much power would it require? You need to have that capacity supplying the house.

    If you are not sure, please have a licensed electrician do the survey (with your help) and the work.

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    Sounds like your service isn't adiquite, you should be able to have a tech from your electric company come over and evuluate your service.

    Never play with your service if you don't now what your doing.

    Post note to below posts, you HAVE NO problem with you transformer, this is an interior problem, the transformer in your street IF it was malfunctioning would 100% trip the long pole breaker on the transformer, AND also all your neighbors would have issues, this is a interior problem, a undersized electrical panel, or your house has aluminium wiring, (older houses has it, but contractors didn't know had to go 1 Ga. higher with al. than copper), another words, if a cuicuit called for a 10 Ga copper, had to use 8 Ga aluminum as the equivilate, check these all out, i am sure this will give you your solution.

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    okay, Get an amp meter and measure how many amps on each main wire feeding the pannel breaker. You should have 3 wires on your breaker pannel. Then those three wires go thru a main breaker, and then those three wires feed all your breakers. You could have all your load without a balance, meaning most of your amps are drawing from one line. Put your amp meter and check the main 3 lines. Then, if that's your problem you might wanna change your breakers around to balance your load on your main lines.

    If that's not your problem. There is also a posibility that there is a loose connection causing low voltage and more amperage, but be careful the wire could be high in temperature. Call an electrician to tighten up the main leads to the breaker pannel to the breakers. Good luck.

  • Thor
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    1 decade ago

    It sounds like the whole house so it could even be the electric meter or the lines to the house.

    I would start by calling the utility that supplies your power. They will come out and verify it is not their problem at least (could be, like a bad transformer on the pole or bad wire to the home).

    But they will at least give you an idea. But if it is something like your main breaker going out they will tell you to call an electrician.


    Few of us feel rich these days with the ways things are for most of us.

    Good Luck

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  • Emilie
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    4 years ago

    This problem doesn't sound quite right. If you are in the U.S., you need a "Licensed" electrician to troubleshoot this. 1- A basic electric service brings power from the pole through a weather-head (or underground service) straight into your electric meter. 2- The three wires coming in are 2 wires (120v each) and a neutral. 3- They should go directly to your main "Load Center" whose main breaker would be 100 Amps, 150 Amps or 200 Amps. 4- The load center has breakers that are connected to the individual lighting circuits, Receptacles and appliances. 5- You problem should start with troubleshooting the lighting and receptacles circuit. Sounds like you have more than one wire connected to a single breaker. Best I can do from here - Good Luck ! ! !

  • Tomcat
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    1 decade ago

    Someone competent with a volt meter could check your incoming voltage at the breaker box while you are running your equipment. If you have less than 110 and 220 volts this would mean you need to call the power company. Otherwise it's your problem. Your appliances won't live long operating on low voltage.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The wires coming into your house and in you house are not big enough to power all the things you have at once. I'm surprised you haven't tripped the main breaker and I fear you may not have one connected properly.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dude, you need the power company where you pay your bill

    to come out and look at the main lugs. sounds like one of them is loose! they should look at it for free but dont hold me to it. ive seen that before.

    Source(s): 20yr. Electrician
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    could be the fuses not enough to run all that power into one fuse box.waite for some more answers because i am not quite sure but i know you are running alot of power.

  • 1 decade ago

    Check with the neighbors and see if they have the same problem. Could be a bad transformer.

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