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Are macs really that good?

Recently my laptop finally bit the dust. Since I had a warrenty from Best Buy, they are giving me the purchase price of that laptop to put towards a new computer.

I am strongly considering macs. I love how everything is so easy and simple on them. Plus they just look awsome.

However, I am a network tech at the local school district, which uses both dells and eMacs (the majority running 10.3). While the Dells are usually the ones that break, the macs are usually the most annoying to fix, which gives me doubts.

So are Macs really as good as they sound? I do mostly email, instant messaging, graphics editing, and music. I know that is what Macs are made for, but I need to know how reliable they are, and if anyone finds anything about them frustrating.

I'm hoping to get answers from people who use both PCs and Macs regulary, if they could tell me which one is better, that'll be great.


Also, none of the local Best Buys sell anything with XP, it's all Vista. So which would be better in terms of easy of use, stabilitly, and reliability? Vista or 10.5?

Update 2:

The district I work for tried ubuntu in two computer labs, and that was super annoying because while the simple things were very easy, the mildly advanced stuff (file sharing even), didn't work nearly as smoothly as you'd think.

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    1 decade ago
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    For Vista, look at the MS requirements…and double it at least and make sure it's certified. Triple if you can afford…then Vista should rock your socks. If you learn how to use it, Vista features and technology blows XP away…when it works. ;) You want it to last so get 64-bit Vista Home Premium or Ultimate.

    But if you have old programs, they might not work (esp. with 64-bit version). Vista compatibility list wiki here:

    You have to know a bit about computers to get them to work (for those old programs that have problems and IF there is a solution. Internet has a lot of solutions that smart people share).

    Ultimate is the best but if you don’t think you need anything that fancy, Home Premium is good too. Get a good video card if you want to Aero graphics (at least 256MB 128-bit in the newer cards). Better if you can afford.

    Recent release of Service Pack 1 made things better and more compatible with hardware. Unfortunately, Microsoft marketing made people think it will work with old computers but it’s very risky so that’s why there are so many problems. It’s too far ahead in technology and requires new hardware and too many manufacturers sell cheap computers that don’t run Vista good.

    Vista uses extra RAM to store commonly used files in a new activity known as “disk caching”. The computer determines which files will be accessed most and copies it to RAM (where it is much faster than accessing your hard disk). This includes components of the programs you use on a regular basis. When you need more RAM for programs you launch, etc. the computer purges the “least likely used” files from RAM to make room. That’s why if you look at the performance monitor, Vista always has near zero “free” RAM. So in theory, the more RAM (for disk cache) you have, the faster your computer will operate.

    Vista Home Premium and Ultimate has Media Center, where with a TV card/USB adapter (if not integrated) of the type that fits your TV, acts similar to an advanced TiVo. You can play your videos, schedule recordings, etc. As an added bonus, you can get a wireless keyboard / mouse or gyro-mouse and it will be sort of like remote control.

    Deals of America and Tech Bargains catch good deals on HP and Dell’s and sometimes you can get like $500 off!

    Unless you are an artist, most Universities (and programs) as well as the rest of the world use Windows. WinMacs are popular (of the 7% of Mac users…5 of 7 are WinMac’ers).

    But for the price, Macs don’t run Windows as well as other brands.

    Macs are durable because many have an accelerometer in there that can "increase the chance" of saving your hard drive when you drop it. Like those used in airbags. The power cord is also magnetically attached so it reduces the chance that you yank it off the table.

    OSXMacs can exclusively install Final Cut Pro (which is good for media work). Adobe CS is also good and available for Windows but works better on a OSX. The Windows version actually looks like an OSX port.

    Most Mac users eventually use Windows on it however. (of the 7% of Mac users…5 out of 7 are WinMac’ers)

    I would suspect that many OSX keepers are artists as usual. Emotion workers are generally not as good with computers as logic workers so OSX's are good for them.

    Windows runs better on windows machines of course, but sometimes it doesn't really matter that much to most users.

    Mac Pros:

    OSX stability

    OSX is easy to use

    Dual-bootable to Windows

    More durable than many brands


    Mac Cons:

    Not as much peripheral support

    Not as much software support

    Windows doesn’t run as good


    Minority: currently Only 7% use Macs [2% OSX, 5% WinMac] (91% use Windows)

    PC Pros:

    More customizable

    More choices

    More styles

    Cheap hardware

    Vista has best gaming capability (DX10)

    PC Cons:

    Less stable (unless you are an IT pro)

    Many are relatively not as fashionable

    Not as user-friendly

    Some extra features in Windows requires advanced knowledge to use

    The extra features require better hardware despite your use of them or not

    Details of features can be found here:


    In term of recent sales, top 3 manufacturers are HP, Dell, and Acer (Gateway). Apple is #4 in USA.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hiya, I ran vista for a year before switching to mac, and i continue to use xp on bootcamp so I have knowledge in both. Vista is not a bad operating system, and after using xp, i much prefer vista, I mean there will be problems, i'm 15, and i remember xp coming out and my dad complaining that windows 2000 was better, but macs are really good computers. First you'll be wanting both OS, Mac can't cope without windows, simple as, you need it, a down side, considering windows can do everything a mac can do. However it does come wth great software, but hope you live near an apple store, as you'll be sticking to internet purchases else where. If you an msn man, macs are terrible. The mac messenger doesn't allow video or voice chat, and makes no use the isight camera. If you're a british man, then you'll be aware that no one uses AOl instant messaging or ichat. You be using adium for your instant messaging, its the only near acceptable alternative.

    Unless you're willing to spend the money for a macbook pro, then don't worry about a mac. For the price of a macbook, you can get a much better windows laptop, but if you can get a macbook pro, then push for it, and get yourself xp or vista on it.

    Good luck -

    Source(s): Using a mac to write this on, but I have xp on bootcamp, and work with xp at school, and had vista for a year before switching.
  • 5 years ago

    There are many people who will tell you they're virus proof, but I'd have serious doubts about that. I've used Windows/PC machines since 1992, and never yet collected a virus! Good housekeeping, and strong anti-virus software is always a good idea on any computer system. Personally, I'd suggest that the reason why PCs are alleged to be more prone to viruses is simply because they're what the majority of the world's users, use! And let's face it, hackers and virus writers are going to attack the biggest part of the world's computer population, ergo, they attack Windows/PC systems. If Macs were ever to reach the same level of popularity, and quantity, you could bet your bottom Dollar/Pound/Euro or whatever, that the bad guys would find a way to get at Macs too....

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not on the tech side of things ... but I just switched over to a MAC and it is GREAT! Mine is an OX.

    I do marketing, emailing, graphics and those things! I bought mine at A great place to look for other bits and pieces!

    The person who convinced me of the mac, works on both, but only owns Macs. She can even fix both. She said in her experience, the Mac is more reliable, and much more of a pain to fix. She said they are designed in such away that they are very difficult to 'break' into and re-write! That is what makes them so safe, but it is also what makes them so frustrating!

    But her overall experience, and she has more than I want to both listing, is that Macs are worth their weight in gold!

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  • 1 decade ago

    After 10 years of Windows, I'm glad I switched. We have two Windows boxes sitting around the house. Mi esposa "inherited" the newish HP Windows box. I just migrated to a MacOSX MBP. I do websites.

    I was going to get it fully "souped up" Glad I didn't. 2G plus the default drive plus a 15" screen is plenty. Bit of a learning curve, keyboard-wise. Then, you'll forget the mouse. Lots of smarts built-in. A fast little booger, real sweet.

    Don't believe the urban myth: you CAN find as much software you need for the Mac! I did. No pain. Don't bother with fetching a copy of Windows to run inside. No need. Save your bucks for a few niceties.

    Yes, I know I'm not giving you the specifics you want. Check online for loads of details. This is not a discussion board! IMHO, go for it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For what you want to do (email, instant messaging, graphics editing, and music.) most people would want a Mac but infact a PC running a user friendly Linux like Ubuntu is actualy better than a Mac (Most people dont know that)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hi I'm PC, and i say get a HQ and windows Xp cd and a laptop drivers cd, then if anything happens you can just format and fix on, as to the mac it is better then PC, but I don't know if Macs can format and reinstall as well as PC.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you want to fix it yourself without being raped by then service billl then get a pc.

    ive just spent £400 on a pc base unit that i built myself and its twice as good as the macs top model.

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