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What’s a good sector balance for aggressive, long term investing?

I did a Morningstar breakdown of all my mutual funds and it seems I have 22% in the energy sector and 18% in gold… this seems a bit over weighted to me since the S&P has about 14% in each.

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    Gold is defenantly not a good long term investment.

    Look at the top performing Industry or Sector of a given time and invest in an EFT that matches that group. Currently the top performing groups have been amazingly the same over the periods from three months or five years. Mostly


    Agriculture Chemical

    Non-Metalic Mining

    Oil & Gas Drilling and Exploration

    Steel and Iron

    Most often ETF are dictated by an index and can be managed more efficiently than mutual funds but still carries some diversification. Here are some of the ETF's that I like, I also like the Agri-Chemical and Drybulk Shipping sectors, I have them in individual stocks.

    Coal KOL

    Solar KWT

    Russia RSX

    Steel SLX

    Brazil EWZ

    China FXI

    Agriculture DBA

    Source(s): You can find the best performing sectors here on Yahoo. I like and find to get information from. You can see what other investors have to say and can play a game CAPS that vs you against the S&P 500 so you can improve your investing skills instead of someone who may be more concerned with there commision than your profits.
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    Id have a quick look at our fund! - we can lock you in at a fixed rate.

    we are actually looking to put together some webinars on mutual funds and their "bottom line".

    I know this is a bit of PR, but I hope I am being helpful at the same time?


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  • npk
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    I agree it's seems overweighted, especially in gold. You might want to look at some of the high-rated growth funds to see what their allocations are.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    cut the gold to 7%

    ride the energy as it's going to rise, put your 1/4ly gains in a moderate growth fund

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