smackdown spoilers june 20, 2008?

anyone knows the sd spoilers and yes vickie sux hehe lol

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    WWE taped June 20th's edition of SmackDown in San Jose, California. Special thanks to WNW Reader Beau Jansson for calling in the following results. Remember if you are attending a WWE event in the near future and would be interested in assisting us with live updates, please email me.

    Smackdown! Results (Airing Next Week 6/20)

    While the ring crew is getting ring ropes and ring aprons changed, a 10-15 min video about the WWE is played that shows everything from WWE Films, to Superstar TV appearances to WrestleManias.

    Mick Foley's music hits and Mick with Michael Cole make their way to the ring.

    Opening credits and Pyros go off and Smackdown! starts with MVP's VIP Lounge.

    MVP starts to talk about how he is better than La Familia and how he dosent feel he is getting the treatment he deserves on Smackdown! Vickie Guerrero comes out with Hawkins and Ryder to the most heat I have ever seen anyone get live! The fans would not stop booing this women and she had to stop many times because of it! I really couldn't hear all that she had to say but she told MVP he would be facing Kane tonight 1 on 1!

    Matt Hardy is shown coming to the ring and his match is Next!

    Matt Hardy b. Bam Neely

    During match referee Charles Robinson sends Chavo Guerrero to the back and Matt is able to get the win!

    After commercial Chavo, Bam and Edge are shown backstage and Edge asks Chavo to face Batista tonight because it would help out. Edge says he'll take care of Matt Hardy next week!

    Michelle McCool b. Layla El via submission

    Match not too exciting crowd was pretty dead through this one! Natalya comes out on the stage half way through the match and watches. Obviously McCool and Natalya are on a road to clash soon!

    Back from commercial and Charles Robinson is in Vickie's dressing room. Vickie tells Charles this is the 3rd time he has messed with La Familia. She tells him he will be in a match tonight!

    Vladimir Kozlov b. Jamie Noble

    After match Jamie looks to be really hurt and medical comes to the ring when at commercial break. Jamie finally gets up after 5 minutes and is helped to the back by trainers.

    Jesse & Festus b. Deuce & Domino

    A few minutes into the match Deuce and Domino start fighting and one beats up the other. WWE has such a lack of tag teams so I don't know why they would start a split to another tag team! I don't understand?

    Finley b. The Miz

    After match Finley and Hornswoggle really interact with the fans dancing and shaking hands with those in the first row! Really cool to see wrestlers going above and beyond in front of the live crowd!

    Kane b. MVP

    After match Mark Henry comes to the ring and beats up Kane!

    The Great Kahli b. Referee Charles Robinson

    Robinson starts to run away from the ring when Hawkins and Ryder meet him on the ramp. They ruffed him up and sent him back into the ring where Kahli squashed Robinson! After match trainers and EMT's took him away on stretcher!

    Batista comes to the ring and awaits Chavo. Vickie comes out to more heat and says Charles Robinson was going to be the referee for this match but now that wasent going to happen. She names Edge the special guest referee and tells Batista I believe if he loses the match he will not face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship! The crowd was so loud I think those were the stipulations!

    Chavo Guerrero b. Batista

    This was a screw job right from the beginning. Edge was counting fast for Chavo the entire match and as soon as Batista went outside of the ring Edge gave Batista the fastest 10 count I have ever seen! I am not sure when they ended the show on tv but Batista began to get beat up by La Familia when Matt Hardy came to the ring and help ward off predators. They battled for a few minutes when Mick Foley got up and began to beat on either Hawkins or Ryder and took out Mr. Socko and sunk in the mandible claw to the back with Hawkins or Ryder with him!

    The crowd was starting FOLEY chants all night and this got a HUGE reaction from the crowd! Batista and Matt Hardy stayed with the crowd for at least 10-15 minutes after the show ended and finally made their way to the back. Justin Roberts thanked us for coming out and that was the show!

    Biggest Pops

    1. Batista

    2. Matt Hardy

    3. Batista, Matt Hardy, Foley beat down on La Familia

    4. Finley & Hornswoggle

    Most Heat

    1. Vickie Guerrero (Unbelievable)

    2. Edge

    3. Vladimir Kozlov

    4. Mark Henry

    All in all a good show! When we went to see the wrestlers leave Vickie driving away was getting booed and yelled at in the street! It looked like her daughters were in the car too. To me the heat she is getting is unreal! I even found myself yelling and booing this women! Vince is on to something! Not too sure why the WWE is getting rid of another tag team when there are so few already? Well time will tell or something.

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    1 guy right

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  • rey returns vip lounge

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