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freight brokerage question....we are a broker who was doing business with Jevics brokerage division JTS....?

When Jevic/JTS filed for bankruptcy we heard through the grapevine that JTS (their brokerage division) had not paid all of their carriers. We put all of our JTS payments on hold until JTS could prove they paid the carriers they hired to move our loads. They will not send us this proof. The girl in their receivables dept is threatening (very gruff) that we don't want to deal with bankruptcy court, they'll be very tough in demanding this payment. What will bankruptcy court do to us? Will they give us proof these carriers were paid so the carriers don't go back to my customer saying they weren't paid then forcing us to pay the carrier direct???? I know this is confusing but any light that could be shed on the issue would be me with questions if I didn't explain well...thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    I hate to break it to you and i am sorry but if you look at your way-bills the broker is only the cosignee so you will be liable as they are only assigned for clearing/moving the freight. because it will show on the bill you are ultimately liable unless you have signed terms and conditions from JTS stating otherwise

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