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R&B Music? Female opinion, thanks.?

What music interests you as a female? What music is best for that bump and grind, juking, etc? I guess what i'm trying to ask is what music does the lady like? I'm trying to find the right music to "have some fun" with, and I need a woman's opinion. Something more romantic, preferably. Which is better, silence or sound?

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    Stuff back from the 90's! Not today's music! Thats a NO NO! I like stuff like:

    Janet Jackson (anything slow & sexy from her) Same Goes for R.Kelly! To Many songs to list by the two of them! But heres a few from them!

    Janet Jackson "Anytime Anyplace (R.Kelly Mix & Original)"

    R.Kelly "Feeling On Your Booty"

    Herb Alpert featuring Janet Jackson & Lisa "Making Love In The Rain"

    R.Kelly "Remind Me Of Something"

    Janet Jackson "70's Love Groove"

    R.Kelly "Sex Me"

    Janet Jackson "24 Play"

    R.Kelly "Honey Love"

    TLC "Red Light Specail"

    Zhane "Sending My Love"

    Brandy "Full Moon"

    JS "Ice Cream"

    Nivea "25 Reasons"

    Tamia "Can't Get Enough"

    Changing Faces "Stroke You Up"

    En Vogue "Giving Him Something He Can Feel"

    Intro "Come Inside (Extended Version)"

    Intro "Ribbon In The Sky"

    Next "Butta Love"

    Kut Klose "I Like"

    Faith Evans "Soon As I Get Home"

    Willie Max "Can't Get Enough"

    Mint Condition "You Send Me Swinging"

    H-Town "Knockin' Da Boot"

    Marc Nelson "15 Minutes"

    Marc Nelson "Chocolate Mood"

    Pretty Ricky "Juicy"

    Ruben Studard "Make You Feel Beautiful"

    Fabulous featuring Mike Shorey "Baby"

    Donell Jones "I'm Gonna Be"

    Public Announcement "Body Bumpin' (Remix)"

    Link "I Really Want To Sex Your Body"

    Bobby Brown "Roni"

    Jodeci "Stay"

    Mint Condition "If You Love Me"

    SWV "Weak"

    New Edition "Can You Stand The Rain"

    Hi-Five "Quality Time"

    Rome "Everytime I See Your Face"

    Baby Face "Whip Appeal"

    Baby Face "Never Keeping Secrets"

    SWV "Use Your Heart"

    Subway featuring 702 "Lil' Game We Play"

    SWV "Rain"

    The Whispers "The Mood"

    Dramatics "Be My Girl"

    Major Harris "Love Won't Let Me Wait"

    Barry White "Staying In Power"

    Champaign "How Bout Us"

    Teddy Pendergrass "Greatest Inspiration"

    Bloodstone "Natural High"

    Stylistics "Stone In Love With You"

    Quincy Jones "Secret Garden"

    Temptations "Just My Imagination"

    Freddie Jackson "Rock Me Tonight"

    Johnny Gill "There You Go"

    Johnny Gill "My My My"

    Freddie Jackson "You Are My Lady"

    Dramatics "I Wanna Go Outside In The Rain"

    Faith Evans "I Love You"

    Whitney Houston "You Give Good Love"

    Chantey Savage "Come Around"

    Joe "I Wanna Know"

    Aaron Hall "All The Places I Will Kiss You"

    Joe "Love Scene"

    Joe "All The Things Your Man Won't Do"

    Brian McKnight "Whats It Gonna Be"

    Joe "More & More"

    Shai "If I Ever Fall In Love Again"

    Ralphael Saadiq "Ask Of You"

    Ralph Tresvant "Sensitivity"

    Tyrone Davis "In The Mood"

    Jodeci "Forever My Lady"

    Tevin Campbell "Always In My Heart"

    Tevin Campbell "Shh Braek It Down"

    Prince "I Wanna Be Your Lover"

    Micheal Jackson "Lady Of My Life"

    Guy "Piece Of My Love"

    Guy "Lets Chill"

    Mint Condition "What Kind Of Man Would I Be"

    Voices "Yeah Yeah Yeah"

    New Edition "I'm Still In Love"

    Mariah Carey "Vision Of Love"

    Marvin Gaye "After The Dance"

    Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing"

    Jesse Powell "Bout It Bout It"

    Myron "Destiny"

    Kenny Latimore "Never Too Busy"

    Shai "Comforter"

    Ready For The World "Love You Down"

    Pretty Ricky "Late Night Specail"

    MoKenStef "Sex In The Rain (Original & Remix)"

    Natalie Cole "Love On My Mind"

    Lionel Richie "I Call It Love"

    Robin Thicke "Can You Believe"

    Commodores "Just To Be Close To You"

    O' Jays "Just Let Me Make Love To You"

    Boys II Men "Uhh Ahh (Sequal Version)"

    Beyonce "Id Rather Be With You"

    Toni Braxton "I Love Me Some Him"

    Blackstreet "Joy"

    Blackstreet "Before I Let Go"

    Isley Brothers "Between The Sheets"

    Isley Brothers "Groove With You"

    Stevie Wonder "Ribbon In The Sky"

    Kevon Edmonds "24/7"

    Bel Biv Devoe "When Will I See You Smile Again"

    After 7 "Sara Smile"

    Bobby Brown "Rock & Roll"

    Chante Moore "Its Alright"

    Rick James & Teena Marie "Fire & Desire"

    Brian McKnight "The Only One For Me"

    Brian McKnight "Crazy Love"

    TLC "Diggin' On You"

    Luther Vandross featuring Beyonce "The Closer I Get To You"

    Indie Arie "Brownskin"

    Aaliyah "Rock The Boat"

    Melissa Morgan "Do Me Baby"

    Rick James "Cold Blooded"

    Total "Kissin' "You"

    LeVert "Pop Pop Goes My Mind"

    Tony,Toni,Toni "Thinking Of You"

    Avant "Making Good Love"

    Blackstreet "Think About You"

    Silk "If You"

    Silk "Meeting In My Bedroom"

    Silk "Hooked On You"

    Usher "Think Of You"

    Force M.D "Tender Love"

    Al B Sure "Night & Day"

    I know. I list a few of today's music, but I garauntee you, that it is the only few of today!


    * Have music mello low *

    * Champaign or Wine will do *

    * Candle lights are sexy *

    * Maybe dance with her *

    * Make sure its night time please, I'm sure she wouldn't like this in the day time! It wouldn't make a lease bit of sense *

    * Flowers are sweet, but if you use rose petals to lead her the way, thats sexy & very romantic *

    * Maybe take her out for dinner. Not just a cheap place, but something fancy. Give her a reason to dress up! *

    * Make her laugh *

    * Be Sweet of a Gentlemen You Are *

    * Give Her Compliments *

    * Give Her A Massage *

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    Honestly me as a female will listen to just about anything with a koo little beat and not to loud wit people yelling all throught the song. Here's some albums you could probably use in addition to what everybody else already suggested:

    Trey songs-trey day

    J. Holiday- Bac of my Lac

    Xscape- the album that had my little secret and who can I run to on it

    Jaheim- the Makings of a Man

    Usher- Here I stand

    R. Kelly ( but some females might not like him no more lol)

    Musiq- all his albums are pretty koo

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    Try anything from back in the 50's & 60's. Some Marvin Sease & Roy C & Clarence Carter & Syleena Johnson & ..ETC..

    Remember that "Candy Licker" song & "Since I Lost My Baby" & "Stroke It"? James Brown will do the trick! "Sex Machine"! And how about that song "At Last" by Miss. Etta James! Come on now! 50's & 60's! Can't Go Wrong!

    Oh, By the way! I'm old enough to probably be your great grandmother, so watch your mouth young man you!

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    I believe it relies on private style and such, however I do not believe that there's a proper reply or a incorrect reply. I truthfully do not believe I might pick. I chiefly like voices that sing in classical patterns, however that's to not say that different voices are lesser devices. There are simply such a lot of one-of-a-kind strategies and patterns of making a song! But one singer who I relatively revel in paying attention to is Kiri Te Kanawa.

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    Put A Lil Umph In It Jagged Edge

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    You don't want it so loud that you are covering the beautiful music you and your lady friend will be making... but these two will compliment the two of you.

    -Liquid lava love(Kevin Michael)

    -Secret(Maroon 5)

    Source(s): If she is a quality woman I'm pretty sure she wouldn't want to hear perverse lyrics that demean her character... R Kelly wouldn't be my choice, ever.
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    I love R&B, here are some of my favorites...

    Xscape-Who can I run to

    Donell Jones-Where I wanna be

    R Kelly-Bump N Grind

    Anita Baker-Sweet Love

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    my body-tank

    My body-LSG****(this is the song)

    Meeting in my bedroom-Silk***

    A house is not a home-Luther Vandross

    Womans Work-Maxell

    If only you knew-Patti Labelle

    Supa Sexy-Charlie Wilson

    Wonderful-Marques Houston

    Naked-Marques Houston

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    i really think it depends on her personality because i am all hood ( by the way i act and talk) people call me ghetto but when people her me bumping maroon 5 or leona lewis they start to look at me different

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    only cd u will need when its that time is "My Life" by Mary J. Blige

    Source(s): experience
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