do people still fly the Confederate flag in the south?

the resone i ask is at school i had a techer tell me they dont but i don't belive her who is right


i like the flag so that is why i think she was wrong

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    The Confederate battle flag is not, and never has been, the state flag of South Carolina. They have a blue flag with a crescent moon and a palmetto tree. South Carolina used to fly the Confederate battle flag from the top of the state capitol, on the same staff but below the state and national flags. Due to controversy they have moved the Confederate flag from the top of the building, but they still fly it on the capital grounds, in a discreet location. In the early 1960s Georgia redesigned their flag to incorporate the Confederate battle flag as a part of the design. This was widely perceived as a slap at the Civil Rights movement and was controversial for years. There was pressure to go back to the previous design, which shows how little it was understood because the previous design incorporated one of the versions of the Confederate national flag.

    The flag you see today is a soldier's flag. It was designed because the Confederate national flag looked a lot like the US flag and you could not tell them apart easily on a smoky battlefield. The only place it was used was as the regimental flag of army units. The national Confederate government had three different designs for its flag.

    Some people who fly the Confederate battle flag in the south are trying to commemorate their ancestors who fought in the Confederate armies, and make a statement about their heritage. Others are trying to make a racist statement. The first group wishes the second would keep their hands off the flag and not make it into a symbol of racism.

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    Are you referring to the flag used by the Confederate States of America or the Confederate Battle flag?

    Many people, commonly, confuse the two!

    Below is a bit of history, for you to share with your teacher and class.

    I'm sure you can find some pictures of these flags, which will help you and others to understand the diffferences in the designs.

    There were 3 official Confederate flags.

    The "First National", aka "Stars and Bars", adopted by the Provisional Congress, 4 March 1861.

    The "Second National", aka "The Stainless Banner", adopted 1

    May 1863 to 4 March 1865.

    The "Third National", last flag to be officially adopted by the Confederate Congress, on 4 March 1865.

    The "Confederate Battle Flag" (red background with 13 white stars on the blue X) was the flag used by the Confederate Army, and was submitted to the Confederate Congress on 4 March 1861, by Mr. William Porcher Miles.

    This flag was used on the battlefield, in order to identify and track troop movements.

    Unfortunately, this is the flag which has been bastardized, by a minority of uneducated people whose only desire is to promote hatred, racism and intolerance.

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    It isn t about slavery it was the small confederate army out classed by man power and resources fighting a much larger union army with industrial might and man power. They won more battles than the north by first class military leaders. The back bone of the southern army were Poor men fighting a Rich mans war and could care less about slavery but the right to be free from union control. And yes the confederate army had black units serving in their army in 1865 look it up! fedral buildings should not fly the flag but state buildings should if that is ok with them!

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    The poster Farragut would do better to actually learn some history before teaching it to everyone else.

    Calling the Southern soldiers patriots is not an oxymoron, because the CSA was their country. If he cares to argue otherwise, then he'll be glad to tell us of the great traitor George Washington who did many of the same actions as Robert E Lee.

    Likewise, I fail to see how the fact that the CSA was the only 'large, White' nation still holding slaves is more relevant than the fact that several other large nations continued to practice slavery for decades after the CSA fell. Brazil, for example. But apparently, it's ok if non-white people hold slaves?

    Plus, the actual international slave trade was just as illegal in the CSA as in the USA, AND holding slaves was just as legal in the USA as in the CSA. So the whole part about the evil confederate slave traders is complete bull. As is, incidentally, the part about the war being fought over slavery and the part about the south being made up of 'rich white colonels'.

    So, in regards to the original question, yes the flag is still flown in many places. And it has just as much right to be flown as any other community flag.

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    do people still fly the Confederate flag in the south?

    the resone i ask is at school i had a techer tell me they dont but i don't belive her who is right

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    I live in the South, and yes, it is still flown, and displayed, proudly.Your teacher was wrong in general, but right in certain cases. There have been many problems about the display of the flag on government buildings or schools...some of those places no longer fly the Confederate flag, it depends on where they are. But it is proudly flown outside of homes, businesses, and displayed in offices among other places..

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    As I write there's a business where Interstates 4 and 75 meet that is flying an enormous Confederate flag. There are some people who are petioning (whom, I wonder) to have the flag removed, but others are fighting against "revisionism" by insisting that it remain.

    "Revisionism" is the practice of denying the past by saying that things either didn't happen, or to down-play unpleasant aspecs of History. We want our children to be proud of their country and their ancestors, so we try to deny slavery.

    The other side of revisionism, oddly, is to make children ashamed of the past (why?) we stress the behavior of our ancestors that is judged to be bad today, but was commonplace then. Like slavery. Today, we point to Sudan, Malaysia, and other places where slavery is practiced (loan-shark slavery) and call it evil, so we tell our children that the South was evil, too, as was anyone that lived there. Except the slaves.

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    OH yes, they do. But it is not the Government, in most cases. It is private citizens who show the Confederate colors, and there are several different flags, on poles in their yards. as bumper stickers on their trucks, or vehicles, some bikers wear them as part of their colors. It is a declaration of honoring the Confederacy and sometimes displaying distain for the Federal government. There are Southerners who truly believe that the Federal system we are presently governed under is unconstituional.

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    I think that at a few of the state capital buildings, the confederate flag is flown under the U.S flag.

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    Some actually do. It depends on the southerner's belief system. My son has a confederate flag on his wall, The deeper into the backwoods you go, the more commonly you'll find it. (I live in the south).

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