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US History & Government Regents June 2008... What did you think?

After taking the A.P. test I felt this regents was a piece of cake.

-Multiple choice questions were easy (unsure on 5 but I'm pretty sure I got them right!)

-Thematic was soooo easy because i studied that because it was the regents from another year. Im pretty sure i got a 5 on that.

-DBQ question were long and annoying, but very easy.

-DBQ Essay- Easy topic but I only had less than 40 minutes to write it so I couldn't make it as nice as I wanted to make it =/

What did you think?

Also does anyone remember any MC answers or questions...

What did you guys get for number 1 of the Multiple Choice???


I also put down only the states. Thats the logical answer.

Update 2:

Bree you are wrong the answer is DEINATELY the states!

Also the answer to number one with the policy of neutrality was the Altantic and Pacific oceans =]

Yay I got them right

Update 3:


And whoever asked the question about why they failed it was becasue they were illegal =]

Update 4:

BREE you have an incorrect answer. I checked the conversion charts, on what you said you got wrong, and you were supposed to get a 99 if that happened so apparently someone is a liar! You probably got like 5 or 6 mc right or didnt get 5's on the essay. Haha sorry but dont be showing off to everyone your grades and lying about them!!!

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    the marriage question was reserved for the states.

    what was the salutary neglect one though? (i think it was question 2) i narrowed it down to preserve english equality and make money from the colonies. i picked equality because i thought they were doing the mercantalism/making money after the year they said which i believe was 1763

    edit - quoting Melissa Y

    one question was like what were the scopes trials?

    i think the answer was choice 3..fundamentalism and science

    -thats what i put

    another question was like what did jimmy carter and bill clinton have in common?

    i think the answer had to do something with peace in the Middle East

    -i know clinton was involved in the middle east so i put that down; i dont recall learning anything about carter

    another question had to deal with riots at the democratic national convention, kent state?

    i think the answer was the vietnam war

    - i knew kent state was about vietnam so thats what i put. i didnt know about the other ones

    another question dealt with the leader between 1950s and 1960s?

    they gave you rosa parks, malcom x, meredith something and someone else as choices. i think malcolm x was the answer

    - yea the only 2 i heard of was parks and malcom x and since rosa parks was in the naacp i thought it would be malcom x.

    what about the last question that was like the following court cases all have to do with ___________ and their was engel v. vitale and 3 others i had never heard of. i put students rights. i didnt learn about engel v vitale but i had heard of it, the other 3 were new to me

    edit again - i just looked up engel v. vitale in my review book and i did learn about it but i couldnt come up with the info on the test. still got the question right though

    another edit - the essays where very easy compared to some practice ones i took and the dbq questions took a long time but were just embarrassingly easy. my favorite was document 9 or 8b that showed a picture of the national guard allowing the little rock 9 into school and then the caption underneath the picture said "The Arkansas National Guard escorting the Little Rock Nine into school" and then the question was "What is the national guard doing?"

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    This Site Might Help You.


    US History & Government Regents June 2008... What did you think?

    After taking the A.P. test I felt this regents was a piece of cake.

    -Multiple choice questions were easy (unsure on 5 but I'm pretty sure I got them right!)

    -Thematic was soooo easy because i studied that because it was the regents from another year. Im pretty sure i got a 5 on that.


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    Nope the answer was both state and national government because it is a reserved power so if anything it would be both.

    I thoroughly enjoyed taking the exam actually, I expected it to be much harder. The subject matter was very basic and not in depth.

    The essays were a gift! I don't know how much everyone else wrote but I wrote 6 paragraphs for the thematic essay and 8 for the DBQ essay. I completely filled the entire essay booklet though. But the civil war and rights are one of my favorite subjects so...

    Hope everyone did well!

    But over all it was EASY!

    I JUST FOUND OUT I GOT A 97!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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    the question with the marriage, education and stuff was definitely the states powers. because new york state is the only one with a regents exam and other states have other tests. education is all up to the states. and how florida is behind new york in education... yeah.

    i got the carter/clinton one wrong. i thought they were both tried, but we didn't learn about that.

    both of the essays were incredibly easy and they were definitely a gift.

    i probably did really bad on multiple choice. i'm hoping i can get at least a 90, but a lot of the multiple choice were 50/50 for me and i couldn't tell.

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    For me multiple choice was the hard part because i didnt study like i should have so i didnt know the details about certain topics....

    The essays were EASY, the DBQ essay was harder for tme though since i had no idea about little rock arkansas or the other one, but i think i still did good on that.

    For #1 i put 2 , i dont remember what the question was though.

    Oh and i also put the states for the marriage license, grad requirements question.

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    That one question was bullcrap. I had the shared powers because I started thinking about No Child Left Behind and Interstate commerce and such. But I changed it to state with like 3 minutes left because California is letting gay's get married.

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    Well, Global was realllyyy easy last year and this year US History was okay. The thematic and the topic of the DBQ were pretty easy.. but the scaffolding questions were just long and boring.. If you left that many blank but did good on everything else it will bring down your grade but probably not that much.. The multiple choice was hard but not impossible

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    Nah, that was just a really bad question..some of the stuff was states only, but some of it was shared powers...




    Schools (Think no Child Left Behind)

    Highways (Insterstate Highway systems v. State systems)

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    i think all of the ss regents that weve taken during high school are the same amount of easiness/difficulty.

    but i was surprised to find out that there were hardly ANY questions about the court cases. cuz thats the only thing i tried to study for. im glad tho. but im even more surprised that they didnt ask anytihng about marbury v. madison and judicial review crap tho

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    I don't remember what #1 was...if you tell me I'll prob remember. I remember number 2 though (salutary neglect) lol.

    what did everyone get for the powers question (marriage liscense, high school graduation requirements)?

    i put down choice 2, with just the states

    EDIT: well, we'll just have to wait until the answer key shows up on It takes about 2 days.

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