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Major Bicycling trip question.?

I live in Fargo, ND. I plan on bicycling to Minneapolis, MN, it is a 250 mile trip. I am 25 years old, I don't work out on a daily basis, but I am otherwise slim and fit.

But here is where it gets interesting: I've put major stipulations on this trip, because anyone can use a bike to get anywhere. I plan on making this trip in under 24 hours. After coming up with this adventure, I looked up a website of an avid biker who made the trip in a shade over 16 hours of bike time. he said he was sustaining 31 Kmph, something I know I can't do. And here's the real kicker: I plan on making the return trip the very next 24 hour span!

So within 48 hours I will have biked 500 miles. I plan on sleeping somewhat in between trips, but I have every intention of running my body into the ground to complete this. Determination will be spilling out of my veins, yet every single person I've asked has said I won't even get there. I own a 1971 race style bike, do I have ANY chance of pulling this off?

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    I have toured on bicycle for very long trips. You can figure on a good 100 miles a day at a good pace. You haven't figured in 2 important factors. The terrain and the wind (weather) . Wind will make you or break you. Then take into account extreme temperatures, hot or cold will 'kill' a good pace.

    How much will you pack? You have an "old" bike, so what kind of gear do you have? You must stay dry,warm and fed. If your out of condition, you will get (perhaps) saddle sores, and blisters. These will (kill) your pace.

    What kind of "packs" will you carry your gear in? Will you have a 'sag' car following? You must consider 'break downs' flat tires etc. What if you get injured or break down? Do you have a back up plan?

    If your using panniers (packs on the side of your wheels) keep the heaviest weight low. This will help you 'track' and keep you from being top heavy.

    Personally I think your crazy to try this alone. Always have a partner or a 'sag' car with you.


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    You might or you might not. I'm not impressed by someone who undertakes an ambitious physical challenge with zero preparation. Much like skydiving or bungee jumping, it doesn't prove anything.

    I have a similar opinion of people who decide they want to do Ironman or a marathon, but aren't willing to pay the dues up front by training properly.

    Determination? I've finished four Iron distance races (among many, many other endurance challenges). The determination was required for the 100 mile training rides in a cold rain, and getting up at 4:30 am to get in a swim workout, not for race day.

    Given that you don't work out regularly, you have no clue about fueling, hydration, pace, or what it even feels like 8 or 10 hours into a ride. You're in for some rude surprises.

    250 miles in a day would be doable for me, especially considering the prevailing winds this time of year. Not sure about the trip back. Bear in mind that 40-50 miles is a normal workout, and 100 is not a big deal.

    Rethink it and put 5000 miles or so on your bike over the next year. Otherwise bring your cell phone and be sure someone will be available to pick you up.

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    I think you're being a bit ambitious, to be honest. If you really want to do this, try completing a ride of 100 miles in a day. That will give you a really good idea of how far you can go. Factor in wind, bad weather conditions, having to carry food, drinks (at least four litres a day and you'll probably need six).

    You might find that you can do the trip there in a couple of days the first time - I think 125 miles in a day is an admirable distance. Ignore the boasting of the "avid cyclist" - he was almost certainly exaggerating and it's a big thing to stake your long-term health on the word of someone on a website.

    Beware of "running your body into the ground". It is probable that if you do this, "slim and fit" though you are, 25 years old though you are, you will do some permanent damage to your muscles, heart, soft tissues, liver and stamina. You could find yourself with long-term damage to your body or worse - cyclists have died trying to run themselves beyond where is sensible. If you do want to go ahead and plan it, do talk to a doctor first, so that you are aware of the risks. You are not invincible and the things you do now to your body will affect your health for the rest of your life. This is serious stuff.

    P.S. if you take "fudga"'s advice, you could actually kill yourself. Read up on Tommy Simpson.

    Source(s): Years of touring and 100-mile bike races. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Simpson
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    I think you are dramatically underestimating the difficulty of what you are planning to do. Desire simply doesn't amount to much when you have depleted your muscles limits. Without proper preparation there will come a place when your muscles will simply so NO. Spend a month training on an every other day basis trying to work up to sustaining a 50 miles ride averaging 17 to 18 mph. When you get to this level you may indeed be able to accomplish your goals. Even that level of preparation, though, will be a significant stretch.

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    Otherwise slim and fit doesn't count for much- you're talking about a major slog and you really need to be an experienced bike rider to cycle those types of distances in such a short space of time. The furthest I've cycled in a day is 60miles and I could probably go a little further if I pushed myself but it really is pretty gruesome putting your body through that kind of punishment. I don't believe you could do it without a lot of training and preperation.

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    No chance at all.

    No harm in giving it a go if someone can come and get you. Bring a phone, make sure you aren't in a dead zone and make sure your bud will pick up. Bring something to read while you wait for your ride home. Oh make sure you have gas money for your ride or you may not get picked up at all!

    Lucky for you, you likely will only make about 50-70 miles, so your wait won't be too long til you're in the comfort of your bud's car.

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    No chance. I would recommend you work up to this by trying to see how far you can bike in, say, 8 hrs before you try this. And I'd surely look at a different bike; the last thing you want is mechanical problems in Ottertail Co.

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    Preparation is everything. Given that you have not done any preparation, make sure you are carrying a cell phone and that someone is willing to drive out and get you.

    Sorry to sound so glum, but you are biting off more than you can chew.


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    I'd give you 50 miles max.

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    yes but you will have to have some MAJOR energy and bring caffine and gatorade or monster to give you energy, it will be a chalenge but i think that you might pull it off

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