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How do girls get this flawless glowing skin?! (PICS INSIDE)?

Photos of me, especially with flash, really bring out my blemishes, every hair, every spot, every tiny bit of shine, the flash will find it! How do these girls achieve this really like, well flawless look? Their skin looks so even and glowing?

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    they really arent flawless. they are coated in makeup. they look fake.

  • Mz_P
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    It could be genetic... My skin is crap, but my cousins aged 18 & 16 have flawless skin, my kids also have flawless skin, as do alot of other people I know... Or like the other have said, it could have been done using photoshop, or just simply by taking care of their skin...

    We cant all have perfect skin :(

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I use Neutrogena it honestly works! Like I have tried St. Ives and a bunch of other products but Neutrogena is the best by far.

    They also use concealer and foundation.

    Good Luck (:

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    wash your face every morning and night before you go to bed

    use mostiser (bad speller) once while

    eat lots of fruits and vegetables

    exerise can help your skin glow too

    Besides that i think your skin is just fine

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    Wow! The girl on the right is ugly!

    I use Neutragena products to keep my skin healthy.

  • either a lot of skin treatment, or a lot of makeup, or eating healthy and exercising drinking a lot of water (which is what i do), orrrrr maybe they're really good at photoshop.

  • Morgan
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    1 decade ago

    born wit it<3

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    Lots of heavy makeup =D

  • 1 decade ago

    they probably photoshopped it or they wear lots of makeup or they eat healthy

  • Anonymous
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