I'm having trouble passing my CDL test?

I passed my common Knowledge test with no problem but i cant seem to pass the air brake test it is only 25 questions and i have read the book several time.

Please Help.

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    1 decade ago
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    Air brakes are very important on a big rig, As I recall the questions on the test are general. It helps to know the components that make up the system and the proper names for them. You might want to go to the JJ Keller web site to see if there is any info you can get from them to help you study for this test. You might try your state CDL handbook, I know in Ohio it covers it in great detail. A class A truck manual on air brakes would be a great help to you, Try the Bendix web site, there might be some helpfull info there.

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    Just keep studying. Eventually, you should retain some of the knowlege.

    Know your components... the air loss rate allowed... the pressure build up rate... and what parts can be defective thus rendering the vehicle inoperable.

    It helps to go look at a few rigs, and see the componants in operation.

    Try googling for videos, and diagrams relating to airbrakes.

    You can try these as well:



  • 5 years ago

    hazmat is a tough test and should be. for reasons like this. If you dont know the rules and laws concerning hazmat then the public is at risk as much as you are. plus you could get serious fines and loose your cdl for not following procedure.

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