Sewing Machine Needle, won't move...?

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when i turn my hand wheel, the thing on the top right of the machine spins (i guess its something for the bobbin). But, the needle won't go up nor down. What do i do now?
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Please push the bobbin winder back to the left position and it will release the bobbin winder. Then you should be able to sew. If the needle won't move, you will need to tighten the turning wheel on the right side end of the machine. This should move your needle. Then you should be set to sew.


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thank you it worked
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  • kay answered 6 years ago
    Check your machine's manual and see how to get it out of bobbin-winding mode. On older machines, you tightened the hub of the handwheel. On more modern machines, you move a knob or lever or the bobbin winder itself, or press a control.


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  • Serendipity answered 6 years ago
    When you shift the bobbin winder, the needle won't move cos the function is for you top wind the thread into the bobbin. Just push back towards you and the machine will be back to normal again.
    Another possibility is, you have to tighten the balance wheel .(the one on your extreem right)
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  • MyThought answered 6 years ago
    On my machine, a Singer, you loosen the small inner wheel on the hand wheel to keep the needle from going up and down while you wind the bobbin. Then you have to tighten it up again so the needle will move.

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