Who has sold their own home?

Who here has recently been successful at selling their own home and how did you do to make it work.

I am only looking for advice from those that have ACTUALLY DONE IT.


Tim F how long ago did you sell your homes

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    You really don't need a real estate agent to sell your property. You need to have common sense and be willing to hold open houses and discuss prices and other things with people that want to purchase your house.

    There are several For Sale By Owner (FSBO) web sites that you can look up in selling your home yourself.

    The main thing about selling your home is the maximum exposure through advertisement. This can be done several ways

    #1 Advertise in your local newspaper (to include any open houses you schedule)

    #2 Flyers on some part of the property or house that is easily accessible to the public and that they can see from the curb

    This flyer should give the sale price, have a picture of the property # of bed and bathrooms, perhaps a few inside shots of the house and it should be in color.

    #3 Open house to show the property to potential buyers.

    #4 Advertise on the free websites on the internet.

    Even though you plan to sell the property yourself you might consider interviewing three real estate agents, tell them the truth you are considering selling the home yourself but you wanted to interview a couple of agents to get their ideas. During the interview they should give you some idea as to the sale price of like properties in your neighborhood.

    Now once they have given you what the property should sell for, they were nice enough to spend time with you and help you in getting compts and talking with you.

    When you finally make up your mind, please call these 2-3 agents that you interviewed and tell them thanks, but you have decided to sell the property yourself. That is common courtesy and you should extend that courtesy to them.

    Clean up the property so it will have good curb appeal. When you drive up to the house ask yourself "Would I purchase this house?" Take care of any possible problems that you know are there but you simply over looked them. Paint inside and outside, cost about $3K increase value about 10K. New carpet might also be in order if it is more than 5 years old.

    Take away any clutter that might also be there, that lived in look you have might turn some buyers off. So clean up

    Now you should also call a mortgage broker to see if he would be interested in assisting you with open houses. Tell him for his expertise you are willing to give him a list of those individuals that looked at your home, but were not pre-approved.

    You would also want this individual to be there for your open houses so set up a schedule that he is able to attend.

    This individual should also assist you in finding an escrow closing agent, an appraiser as well as a title company to assist you in your sale.

    This person will also be able to assist with any state rules and local laws required to know in selling a house in your area.

    Now once you have found a person to purchase your property, draw up a sales contract with the assistance of the mortgage broker. He will get an appraiser to verify the value. He should assist you in opening an escrow closing agent.

    If the buyer is not pre-approved your mortgage broker will get the buyer approved and handle the paper work. If he is pre-approved his mortgage person will take care of the rest of the paper work.

    Either way the mortgage broker whom ever he might be will take care of the majority of the rest of the transaction.

    Don't fall for the real estate agents that will come by and ask if they find a buyer would you give them a commission. Tell them if they find someone their client should pay them.

    The reason for this exercise is for you to put the maximum amount of your equity in your pocket as you possible can and not into a real estate agent's pocket. Keep your eye on the mission.

    Now about paying off your mortgage, the escrow closing agent will send a letter to your present mortgage company and request a demand of payment indicating how much you currently owe on your mortgage. Your mortgage company will send them a reply with the amount you owe. This will be done on any mortgage you owe if you owe more than one.

    The escrow closing agent will pay off any demands they receive. Anything left after all payoffs a check will be written to you the seller.

    I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.

    "FIGHT ON"

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  • koltz
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    3 years ago

    You can do it, and I purchased a FSBO residence as soon as: it was once a great deal for either one of us. The greatest difficulty is exposure; the truly property listings are available over the web, and getting your location earlier than the general public with no need on the web will tremendously cut back its publicity. Only probably the most committed patron will pore by way of the categorized this present day whilst a seek engine can gift hundreds of thousands of compatible homes in seconds. You will ought to come to a decision whether or not to do "dealer cooperation": pay three% to a purchaser's dealer if one indicates up. There are operations which, for a constant cost, will positioned your directory on the web with out doing the whole vendor's dealer's task. Finally, you'll must fear approximately establishing a agreement if a purchaser looks; I wrote the agreement for the FSBO that I purchased, however I knew what I was once doing and no disorders arose. You would possibly desire recommendation right here; you're speakme approximately many hundreds of greenbacks, and a mistake would be very high-priced.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have sold three (3) homes By Owner...and it is actually very simple.

    #1...always make sure that you have an attorney at the closing. They will ensure taxes and escrows are in order, and it should only cost you about $250.00 tops.

    #2...selling by owner is easy. Realtors are the most overpaid people on earth. We had By Owner Open Houses on weekends when other realtors were paying for advertising and putting up signs. Just put your signs pointing to your house next to theirs. You will be surprised how much traffic you get.

    #3...all documentation can be found online (usually for free). You will need a purchase agreement, home disclosure, and (depending on state), lead-based-paint forms...etc...etc.

    Good luck! Let me know if you need anything else!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I tried to do it for a long time (over a year), but since I was buying another house I ended up with two mortgages and eventually turned it over to a realtor who sold it in about a month. I had it in the paper, flyers, etc.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I didn't, but I bought my home from the original owners. They got a lawyer, an amortization sheet and sat down with us and discussed the details before we signed at the lawyer's office. no points. I pay them directly.

    hope that helps. i have to pay my own taxes, too.

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