is drill now the answer to high gas prices?

i support drilling now. but we need to understand that it won't do anything for gas prices on the short term.if we had started 10 years ago when bill clinton and the democrats put the ban on drilling, we would not have depend on the arabs for gas.we do need to start now so eventually, gas prices will ease off.

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    There is more oil in these United States than anyone knows about. In southwestern NYS, and northwestern PA are oil fields that were largely shut down due to EPA stupidity. There is renewed interest now.....and there ought to be. The oil underground here is the finest grade of crude oil in the nation. Let's go get it !

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    No there is a sufficient supply of oil and the oil companies already have unused leases on offshore drilling. That's not the problem. We have a weak dollar and a runaway speculative market leading to the current high/futures oil prices. The weak dollar is also attributable to high import prices. A few refineries would work too. Isn't that the idea behind the Republican tax cuts? Build plants and buy equipment? So where are the refineries? Exxon's CEO got a $30 million bonus though so much for the tax breaks being put to good use.

    Regarding Bill Clinton you may want to read the part of Papa Bush. Who BTW Kissinger considered an idiot. Clinton just extended the moratorium.

    I just wish for once Americans could look past the political rhetoric as well as the smoke and mirrors. Drilling our way out is political b.s. and a half-assed attempt at diversion away from developing something more serious than Mazola. As for McCain's idea cars do not run on nuclear power and the coal fired power plants have air scrubbers reducing emissions.

    Update: I also agree with Chief Scout. The oil companies have been hiding alternative energy solutions for years. For an example look at Microsoft. They do it daily. That's what we need is a ban.

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    Because drilling for more oil is the only realistic choice - the other two choices are to continue sending $$ to our enemies or invest in nuclear power. Or the fourth choice which is do nothing - the Democrats like this one - and watch our country and the whole economy go down the toilet. Bush, and to some extent McCain - are proposing drilling and nuclear energy to meet the short term needs - while also pushing both renewable energy and conservation. Makes sense to me. (if you owned a washer and dryer - why keep hauling laundry to the laundramat?) The other people and parties have no plan. They have no solutions. But because they don't say the 'D' word or the 'N' word people love 'em. Let me know how this works for you in a few years........ I live in Alaska. I use only 25% the power your home in the lower 48 does but my electric bill is easily 5x to 10x yours due to the cost of generation. I am an engineer, and have 2400 lbs of batteries under my house, four solar panels so far - and growing. I can generate several KW per day and provide up to 6,000 watts to my home at any one time. If I could afford the $730 each for 16 or so more panels I would have them all along my house and either take the house off the grid or sell it back to the electric company. But for now I am growing at 2 panels per year each summer. What are you doing???????? My home is probably greener than anyone else here........ and I still think we need to have started doing more drilling years ago. Now that gas is heading to $5 a gallon it just amaizes me how stupid people here really are. Damn Sheep. Duh - we need to save the enviroment and not do any drilling......... let me how things are in your city when everyone is killing pidgeons and squirrels from the park to put food on your tables. When the demand for electricty starts creating 'rolling blackouts' like some countries have and you can only afford to eat beans and rice........ if you can find them. By then it will be too late. This is probably going to happen in your city come the next few years............ if you folks were to change your minds on drilling or nuclear energy today - it won't last that long. Do you realize if ANWR were a regulation football field the area they want to drill on would be the size of a postage stamp?? I have been to ANWR many times - place sucks - it's all knee deep in water and mud - a damn mosquito factory. So flat you can watch your dog run away from home for three days. With the exception of one idiot that shot the pipeline in 2004 - the thing hasn't spilled a drop in 31 years. You can't even say that for your car - can you? What things have you ever dumped down a toilet the past 30 years? Makes you a hipocrite, doesn't it? Seems to me people of the USA do not have their priorities straight. When Iran nukes Isreal and then demands the USA better not retaliate or they will stop shipping oil........ how are you going to feel then? You policies of no drilling have now killed millions of people...... to save what? Millions of mosquitoes from possible harm? I can assure the mosquitos in Prudhoe Bay are plenty happy. Sheep. Sheep to the slaughter.

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    I love it when they say No but can not give a answer what would help ,,yes of course it would as soon as they see we are going after our own oil they would drop 50 cent and it would balance out , but as long as we go on a dream of waiting for new source of energy we will never get anything done ,we been waiting for 40 years now,,we need to open up all our resource ALL and quit depending on oil from country's that does not even like us..and we need to cut back our energy use.

    They can put up all the figure they want but common sense will tell you it better to have your own oil then have to buy it somewhere else. And they say it would not help until 10 years down the road ,,, that what they say in the 90s to ,would it be nice if they was up and running today..

    Anon- oh great we could do both dumbie

    1 Sassy Rebel Clinton did turn down a bill for drilling 1995,, the lands already leased does not have enough oil to drill go where it is .I agree with you only the refineries but we need more refineries because in 30 years the difference kind of gas has increase from 60 difference kind to 127 and we have not did any rebuild or repair to them in 30 years..

    isnrblogdotcalm-- But Obama does want Nuclear Power Plant to be build..

    jimi --samething they say in the 90s...wait

    ndmagicman-- think again ,he did 2...

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    Just the threat will have an impact.

    We need to develop alternate fuels and build safe nuke plants like the Europeans.

    We have to start now as yes the libs, Democrats, environmentalists AND Republicans, have screwed us so far.

    EDIT: I LIKE CHIEF SCOUT"S IDEA. The only problem is boneheads will squeeze all their driving into the 12 hours and we will net nothing.

    We could ask that Americans decrease their use 10% by planning better. The $4.00 plus gas price is doing that.

    We drove several Billion miles less in 2007 when gas was $3.00. If everyone just planned better, we could cut consumption by 20% and we would have the effect you describe.

    I think $5.00 gas would do it.

    What would Saudi Arabia be worth without the demand for oil? What's the market for camel meat?

    EDIT RAINA: Good. So does McCain. Build the nukes. And yes your comment is excellant. What dumb a**es let us get in this predicament? Two words: the Gub Ment. Morons.

    Google the Bakken oil fields or North Dakota oil fields. Between Prudhoe bay in Alaske, The Bakken field, the western slope of the Rockies, particularly Wyoming and the Gulf of Mexico, we have 60 to 200 years of oil and gas at our presant rate of consumtion and the expected increase, but the time is wasted if we do not develope altenate fuels.

    The water car, actually it burns hydrogen extracted from water, is fairly simple to make. Hydrogen is volitale but so is gas and we can develope safe ways to handle it.

    The Arabs worst nighmare is alternative energy. We've had the technology for years and it has been suppressed. I think the internet will finally get it out and it will be developed.

    Anyone care for a camel sandwich? Tastes like chicken.

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    1st. Clinton did not put the ban on drilling, it came from Bush,Sr and continued through Bush,Jr and brother Jeb

    Chief Scout has a great idea,if we could just get it to fly. But Americans being spoiled like we are, I bet you would hear squealing so loud it would bust your eardrums. What I can't go where I want, when I want. Nonsense, we must give a little to gain a lot. What is 30, 60 or 90 days as compared to the months and years of higher prices we are seeing now.

    Drilling would help eventually, but it needs to be done on the lands already leased, not opening new lands. The oil companies have more than enough land already leased to drill and that would supply us for many years. That PLUS re-opening wells that have been capped off. YES folks, we have plenty of wells already in place to supply our oil needs. But the kicker here is we need MORE REFINERIES to supply the fuel we need at the pumps. Most refineries are currently only operating at 70% production. An increase of 30% would give some relief.

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    1 decade ago

    There is One short term fix. Many of your posters have said

    correctly this process should have begun 17 to 25 years

    ago. Pointing a finger is not the answer as to why were

    here at this time. Solutions. We need Solutions.

    1. No Driving ban should start in one weeks time.

    Nationally mandated. 12 hrs on a Sat, 12 hrs on a Sunday.

    2. For those working shifts or compelled to drive for

    livelihood, by permit only.

    3. First response vehicles Only.

    A number of things would happen in approximately 30 days.

    Per barrel prices would drop to below 50.00.

    Fuel prices at the pump, would decrease rapidly.

    You would have such a glut of gas products on the market

    every consumer would benefit.

    Extend the ban another 30 days, and now your playing

    hardball. We would break OPECS back. Commoditys

    brokers would be lined up on the freeway looking for

    trucks to walk out in front of.

    Continue this ban for 30 more days. and we own the

    oil fields at the price we want to pay.

    Get two or three major allies involved in this, and you have

    things happen 3 times as fast.

    All the time, release R&D funding to small and medium sized

    business to develop alternate energy vehicles and systems.

    Screw the big guys they have nailed us for years, Hiding and

    secreting working alternative systems. Buying patents and

    never bringing them forward.

    This would be the only available short term fix we could


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    1 decade ago

    For sure it will ! If all these naysayers on here that say it doesn`t matter if we get our own oil , and it won`t make much of a difference in price ! Then why don`t we just stop importing from the middle east if it won`t make that big of a difference in our price ? If we import say 1 million barrels a day from the middle east and it cost us 100 million dollars that goes out of this country ; then basically what the loons are saying that support the USA not drilling for their own oil ; is that we have enough oil that we can afford to give up all imports from the middle east ; if as they say " it won`t make a difference " ! That`s radical liberalism at it`s zenith ! The difference will be the $100,000,000.00 will stay in the USA !!!

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    Drill Here, Drill Now - If we announce today that we are going start drilling in the US, prices would drop 20 to 35%. This will take the fear out of the futures market (speculaters). So drill NOW.

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    1 decade ago

    Actually it will have a small effect. Part of the reason prices are so high is oil futures speculation. If we start drilling then the speculators will start selling and lower the price a little.

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