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What are some ways to treat anemia after giving birth to a baby?

I have heard the iron tablets can deplete a bodies ability to absorb iron over time. So what are some other natural ways to treat/cure anemia (as a result of giving birth to a baby)?


Where can I buy liquid chlorophyll? Is it available at Walmart or do I need to visit the health food store? I have one nearby but if it is something I can buy some where else for less I would like to know.

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    The best way to raise iron levels is to drink two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll a day. You can buy it at any health food store and it doesn't cost much. I was seeing a midwife and was so anemic she said if I was at the hospital they would of given me a blood transfusion. They gave me a chance to fix it over a week. All I did was drink the chlorophyll and tried to eat more iron in my foods. I got my iron levels up so high so fast they were really impressed. Hope that helps and good luck!

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    Yellow Dock is very high in Iron and safe to take. It can be found in most health food stores. Its very affordable, about $5-$7 for a month supply, and be sure to eat foods high in vitamin C which will help your body's ability to assimilate and use iron. Also, try getting more dark, leafy greens into your diet, they are also high in iron, and other essential amino acids and vitamins.

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    "I have heard the iron tablets can deplete a bodies ability to absorb iron over time. "

    You heard wrong: What happens is that as you build up your iron stores, your body naturally absorbs less.

    If you are a bit anemic and don't want to take pills, cook in a cast iron skillet, eat iron-rich meats (liver, mostly).

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    eat foods that are naturally high in iron, like red meat, spinach, raisins, sunflower kernels. try reading the labels at the grocery store; you will be surprised by some of the foods that are rich in iron. a note of caution, though: be careful about mega-doses as too much iron can actually do serious damage to your liver.

    Source(s): life experience - spent several years as a child anemic.
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    you should have started taking iron supplements during your 5th or 6th month of pregnancy and that is continued until 2 months after you gave birth.

    anyway, you can ask you doctor if you can take iron supplements now.

    some iron rich foods are green leafy vegetables and liver.

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