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What are the advantages and disadvantages of natural disaster?

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list atleast 5... pls help fast for my homework
pls pls pls help soon
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  • Anonymous answered 7 years ago
The advantages:
We learn how to better prepare ourselves for future disasters
We find out what kind of social problems we have (like with Katrina - were the people treated with less urgency who were African American? And how hard was it for economically disadvantaged to get out of danger?)
We learn how to better respond to future problems
They bring communities together
They remind us that we're not in charge of nature
The Disadvantages:
People die and/or suffer (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
Things get ruined (homes, buildings, crops, economies)
These things can be expensive to repair
Animals (nonhuman) get harmed, killed, or displaced
People become lost from their family members
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  • Danger, Will Robinson! answered 7 years ago
    Well, think about it! You ought to be able to come up with all the bad things on your own pretty fast if you have opposable thumbs.

    How could flooding be beneficial? Agriculture started on the flood plain between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, didn't it?

    Relax and think about what could be good about a volcano? Massive brush fire? An earthquake? Hurricane? Tsunami? Tornado?
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  • Simran answered 1 year ago
    Disadvantages of Earthquakes, Floods, Volcano Eruptions, etc:
    · Loss of live, people suffer.
    · Loss and damage of properties.
    · Destruction of buildings and houses.
    · Loss of jobs after the disasters.
    · Disruption of flights.
    · Pollution of the air

    Advantages of Volcano Eruptions, Earthquakes, etc:
    · Fertile soil – the volcanic material is the most fertile soil on Earth which is good for growing crops.
    · Tourism – after the natural disaster, many tourists would visit the place.
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  • SeaEff answered 7 years ago
    I think you should have done your homework earlier!
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  • ahlee123@verizon.net answered 7 years ago
    advantages- It's a lot better than WWIII, unless we get hit by a meteorite

    disadvantages- people get hurt, duh
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  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of natural disaster?
    list atleast 5... pls help fast for my homework
    pls pls pls help soon
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