What is a DEA Form 222 and what is the process that must be gone thru to get one approved?

There is a schedule II drug that I think I eventually may need to be prescribed that is only available to those with an approved DEA Form 222.

For my potential future purposes and so others will also know, what is the process that is gone thru / the qualifications for having a DEA form 222 approved?

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    In order for narcotics to be shipped to you we must have a copy of your Medical Director’s or your agency’s Federal DEA

    Certificate as well as an authorization form signed by your Medical Director. (Please call customer service to obtain this form.)

    To purchase Class IV narcotics, a signed authorization form must be on file as well as a current copy of your Medical Director’s or

    your agency’s Federal DEA certificate. When purchasing Class IV narcotics, simply phone, fax or e-mail your order. Please be aware

    that all narcotics will ship to the address on your DEA Certificate.

    With each Class II order, a form 222 must be completed and mailed to Sun Belt Medical/Emergi-Source. Forms 222 are issued by

    your local DEA office. If your Medical Director or authorized purchasing agent does not have any of these forms, call your local DEA

    office to order the forms.

    Please use the following steps when ordering CLASS II Narcotics (Morphine, Demerol, Fentanyl):

    1) Name of Supplier: Sun Belt Medical/Emergi-Source

    2) Street Address: 20 Capital Drive

    3) City and State: Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

    4) Date: Date the form is completed

    *5) Number of Packages-if product is sold in boxes, indicate the number of boxes needed. If product is sold individually, indicate the

    units needed.

    6) Size of package: if sold in boxes, indicate units per box. If sold individually, indicate the packaging size per unit.

    7) Description of Product.

    8) Last Line Completed: write the number of the last line completed. (Only one line should be completed for each type ordered.)

    9) Signature: The Medical Director, agent or person authorized by power of attorney must sign the form.

    Helpful Hints:

    - Forms 222 are for Class II narcotics only. Class IV narcotics can be phoned or faxed in with other pharmaceuticals.

    - If an error is made on your form 222, please void the form and begin again with a new form. Any form that has been altered will be returned.

    - Sun Belt Medical/Emergi-Source will fill in the Supplier’s DEARegistration Number, NDC and shipping information on the forms 222.

    - The form 222 is a triplicate form. Retain copy 3 for your records and forward copies 1&2 to Sun Belt Medical/Emergi-Source

    - If a purchase order number is needed on the packing slip, please include a note with your form 222 when mailing to Sun Belt Medical/Emergi-Source.

    - Narcotics are non-returnable. Please be very specific with description and quantity needed when placing an order.

    - All narcotics will ship to the address printed on the forms 222 and Federal DEAlicense.

    This is from a sample form of a dea 222 form.

    I hope this helps, but I will give you the links or site so you can go to them your self.

    Good luck and take care....cya....

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