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Controversial Topic?

this summer i have to do a research project for AP english next year and i have to do research on a current controversial topic like same-sex marriages or abortion.

But those two are the only ones that i can think of.. can anyone offer me some ideas please?

-also can you guys state both sides of the arguement

(ex. should there be a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marraiges, or should marriage be a legal right for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation?)

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    Controversial topics that you may want to explore:

    ADDICTION AND DRUGS - Alcohol Abuse, Children of Alcoholics, Drugs and Sports, Medical Marijuana.

    BUSINESS, FINANCE AND ECONOMICS - Bribery, Budget Deficits, Credit Card Fraud, Income Tax, Malpractice Insurance, Junk Bonds, Leadership, Direct Marketing, Minimum Wage, Wage Price Policy.

    COMPUTING, INTERNET AND MEDIA - Chatrooms Internet, Computer Viruses, Spam, Cybercrime and Privacy, Harmful Media, Internet Hate Speech, Internet Pornography, Media Violence, Television And Children, Violent Computer Games.

    EDUCATION AND SCIENCE SPEECH TOPICS - Education Reform, Bilingual Education, Ethics In Life Sciences, Creationism versus Evolutionsm, Dating, Campus Issues, Home Schooling, Information Science, Intelligence Levels, Intercultural Education, School Prayer, School Choice, School Uniforms, School Violence, Condoms In Schools, Space Exploration.

    ENVIRONMENTAL, NATURE AND ANIMAL - Acid Rain, Air Pollution, Animal Cloning, Animal Experimentation, Animal Rights, Antarctica Research, Biodiversity, Changing Weather Patterns, Ecology, Endangered Oceans, Endangered Species, Energy Conservation, Global Resources, Global Warming, Oil Spills, Littering, Marine Pollution, Noise Pollution, Pesticides, Rain Forests, Recycling, Vivisection, Water Pollution, Water Resources.

    ETHICAL AND MORAL CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH TOPICS - Abortion, Assisted Suicide, Beginning Of Life Issues, Birth Control, Euthanasia, Gender Identity, Genetic Engineering, Human Cloning, Implanted GPS, Physician Assisted Suicide, Pro Choice Movement, Pro Life Movement, Reproductive Technologies, Separation of Church and State, Stem Cell Research.

    FAMILY, MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE - Bigamy, Family Violence, Gay Marriage, Gay Parents, Polygamy, Single Parent Families, Surrogate Mothers, Teenage Fathers, Teenage Mothers.

    FREEDOM AND CIVIL RIGHTS - Censorship, Contraception, Free Press, Privacy.

    LAW AND ORDER CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH TOPICS - Airline Safety Rules, Alternative Imprisonment, Amnesty, Capital Punishment, Chain Gangs, Constitutional Issues, Corporal Punishment, Crimes Without Victims, Criminal Justice System, Drunk Driving, Gangs, Gun Control, Hate Crime, Homeland Security, Intellectual Property and Piracy, Legal System, Peer Pressure, Speed Limits, Urban Terrorism, Welfare Fraud, Wiretapping, Youth Violence, Zero Tolerance.

    MEDICAL, HEALTH AND NUTRITION - Aids Testing, Alternative Medicine, Anorexia Treathment, Artificial Insemination, ADHD, Bulimia, Burn Out, Depression, Dieting, Food Labeling, Food Prices, Health Care System, Infectious Diseases, Medical Ethics, Medicine Abuse, Passive Smoking, Plastic Surgery, Tobacco Industry.


    POLITICS AND GLOBAL POLICY - Afghanistan, Armed Conflicts, Arms Control, Asylum Policy, Ballot Initiatives, Biological And Chemical Weapons, Boycotts, Campaign Funding, Child Labor, Cold War Politics, Immigration Laws, Farm Susidies, Iraq, Islamic Fundamentalism, Militias, Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Weapons, Peace Movements, Political Correctness, Privatization Of Social Security, Slavery, Terrorism, United Nations, Voting Behavior, War Crime Trials, War on Drugs.

    SOCIETY - Affirmative Action, Aging Population, Celibacy, City Curfews, Demographics, Dropouts, Homeless Persons, Flexible Hours Of Labor, Inner City Poverty, Integration, Moral Majority, Nonsmoking Areas.

    WOMEN ISSUES - Breast Feeding in Public, Breast Implants, Feminism, Women in the Military, Women's Rights, Working Mothers.

    For more ideas/specific arguments, check out the links I listed below. Hope this helps! :) Diana

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    It's AP English. You have to select a topic that will interest you enough to write well about it or you will not do well. It's really easy. Buy a newspaper or go to Yahoo news and scan the headlines for a story that interests you: there are only about a hundred now. Darfur (that's in Africa), oppression in Myanmar (Burma), oppression in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the repression of dissent in China and Tibet, piracy on the high seas--how it's nothing like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and yes it's a real maritime problem complete with a few gun battles between pirate ships and U.S. naval vessels, the presidential elections for heaven's sake, Iran and nuclear weapons, the resurgence of the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Since the only two topics you found don't interest you, maybe one of mine will. Then read up on it. There are literally thousands of hits on any of them. Logically list the arguments on both sides. If you are doing the pirates, try to put yourself in the position of an impoverished teenager in Somalia, no skills, no job, no future, no government, no assurance of where you are going to get your next meal and a gunman with a boat and some automatic weapons gives you the chance to make more money than you ever hoped to see in your lifetime. There was a recent incident involving a French cruise ship. The victims's stories have been reported. The French Navy got involved. What did they do? What should they have done? What about the incidents involving the US Navy? Should our Navy be pursuing pirates in 2008 as if it were 1778? If you have the horses to be in AP English, this should be both easy and interesting.

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    Don't do the same old abortion, gay marriage. Do something orginal. Here is a list of topics: Controversial Issues Gambling Adoption Pornography Affirmative Action Alcohol Prayer In Public Schools Animal Experimentation Gun Control Goverment provided Health Care Capital Punishment (the death penalty) Sex Education in Public Schools Censorship Immigration Smoking Rights verses Right to breathe fresh air Cloning Internet Privacy Stem Cells Juvenile Offenders being tried as adults Media Violence Drug Legalization Welfare Privacy to Celebritys -How much do they have give up for the price of fame? Women In The Military Euthanasia (right to die)

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    You seem to have interest in same-sex marriages. Why not go with that. The only thing I can tell you is that they seem so happy, at least those I've seen on TV. For the pro side, I would use the constitutional right of, "pursuit of happiness." I would also evoke the right to religious freedom as another pro argument, because the main con would be that of morality-not for government to decide.

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    Here's one: Should the Government, by right of Eminent Domain, have the right to take private property from an individual, business, or religious organization, for the purpose of selling it to another individual, business, or religious organization?

    Eminent Domain has traditionally meant that the Government can take private land (and pay for it) for some public purpose like a highway. But lately it has been interpreted that the Government can take private property for the purpose of selling it to a business, like a shopping center.

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    Euthanasia, keep on life support when in vegetative state, capital punishment, steam cell research, cloning, global warming, genetic re-engineering

    other topics you can look at

    abortion: should be legalized...a person should have the right to choose what they want to do with their body. We have all walked in different shoes and having a child in certain situations just may not be feasible. Forget it when you are raped. If it was have to ask your self...isn't it just as bad for a child to grow up in an "hostile" abusive, unwanted environment than it is to abort. Not to mention if the kid was given up for adoption...the ones that never get adopted get shuffled from foster care to foster care...which equals more money for the state and an un-stable environment for the child.

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    There's lot of legal crap to do with war on terror. Always something in the news like recent decision made at US supreme court.

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