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Which TV character do you like better: Frank Costanza (of Seinfeld) or Arthur Spooner (from King of Queens)?

Oh, and tell me your reasons, if you would, please, okay? Just for fun.

Come back and check for my responses to your answers, okay?


Mike Christensen


Hi, "Cash Rules Everything Around Me,"

Well, interesting: so you don't think Frank is very funny, I guess...?

I guess I was curious about which people liked better because both of those characters seem so similar (loud, crazy old man--though Arthur does seem somewhat crazier), and they're played by the same guy, so it seems like Jerry Stiller made them somewhat the same, maybe just naturally. Ya

know what I mean?



What do others of you think?

Update 2:

Hi, Acid Reign 3000,

Whow, yeah, that's a pretty descriptive set of reasons that you like Arthur better. Thanks for your great response1


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    Arthur Spooner for sure. He's a more three dimensional character. Frank Costanza is the same in every episode. Sometimes, Arthur Spooner seems to play the odd ball character like a Kramer in the King of Queens. Remember when he arranged for all the seniors in the senior Center to be carpool buddies for the Manhattan drivers? And then the would collect the money from the drivers and then paid the seniors like 1/4 of what he made. Stuff like that was totally Kramer like.

    I also appreciate his love for Carrie and his on screen chemistry with Kevin James. Arthur Spooner and his way with elaborate words and weird schemes is pretty unique as the old character of a sitcom.

    Below is his entry (yes, his character has an entry in wikipedia) I think it really explains the weird, yet three dimensional-ness of his character:

    "Sarcastic, brash, and always scheming, Arthur lives in the basement of Doug and Carrie's house. Quick to take offense, he shouts frequently and often unnecessarily, and often comes up with absolutely absurd, irregular or illogical money-making scams.

    Arthur frequently makes bizarre claims (for example, that he invented the moist towelette, and claiming that Charles Schultz based Charlie Brown on Arthur's life). He also steals change from Doug's nightstand. Arthur is walked by a dog walker named Holly Shumpert (Nicole Sullivan), and his best friend is Mickey (Ford Rainey).

    Arthur is a steadfast socialist, and supporter of the communist nations around the world. In the episode "Steve Moscow" he claims that the Soviet Union was a "workers' paradise," and in the episode "Strike Out", he says that he was once enrolled at a socialist summer camp. In one episode, Arthur and Spence hatch a plan to invent and market a revolutionary new backpack. When Spence suggests that they outsource the labor to save money, Arthur reacts angrily, stating that "Unipack will be made in America, by good labor union workers!" When Doug goes on strike, Arthur almost kisses him out of pride, and when Doug takes a scab job at a school as a substitute teacher, Arthur grows disgusted with Doug, saying "Whatever helps you sleep at night you douche."

    Along with the banning of Halloween, Arthur also attempts to ban a long list of other things from the Heffernans' house, including red pens, soft cheese, non-American VCRs (but not DVD players), mentioning Franklin D. Roosevelt's paralytic illness, and miniature Kit Kats."

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    I LOATHE Arthur Spooner. He ruins the show imo. I wish I could yank him through the tv and punch him right in the face, that's how much I hate him!!!

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    Arthur (old yet funny) besides i love that show king of the queens and i also like 2 and a half men (a tv show no homo)

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    neither one i do not watch them shows

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