In the film The Usual Suspects, there's a joke told... but the punchline is NOT! I must know the punchline!!

As Fenster and Hockney enter the garage shortly before the jewelry heist, Hockney can be heard telling a joke about a "chick" in the backseat of a car that is "totally naked". The punchline of this joke can be heard later on in the film in Hungarian, told by two Hungarians leaving a building by the docks before the climactic finish at the boat. I don't speak Hungarian and there are no subtitles. What's the punchline? If you don't know, come up with something! Here's the joke:

"i get out of the car, and man if the thing wasn't wrecked. and i see this broad in the backseat with nothing on. i'm laughing so hard i can't breathe. and the fat guy guy comes out of the car with his pants on backwards and says..."


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    It's not a real joke, so there is no punchline. That's why the capper is told in Hungarian. It's a joke within a "joke."

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