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If America gave Iran the technology for solar and wind power would they want nuclear energy. I know bush claim

bush claims Iran is making nuclear weapons. But does it really make sense when John Mccain says he wnats to produce more nuclear facilities and tells Iran they are not able to build even one. If they are so great than why do they cause world wide tensions. Would solar power. Or wind. Or would that make too much sense.

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    We can't even get wind farms built in our Country. Ask Ted kennedy why he stopped that one on the East coast.

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    Before America could give Iran effective and efficient solar and wind power technology it would be necessary to develop the relevant technology. Have you asked yourself why a country sitting on a ocean of oil needs another form of energy? If a country has ready, inexpensive access to an efficient power supply, why would that country spend money needed for education, medical care, housing, etc., for its people to develop another form of energy? Could it be that the government of Iran does not need or want another source or energy? Could it be that those who run Iran are not very interested in the welfare of its people? Could it be that those who run the government in Iran want political and military power far more than nuclear power to generate electricity? If you were a citizen of Iran would you want your government to spend money on nuclear technology, or on education and on developing the economy of the country?

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    The odd thing is Iran has tons of if they need energy, why not use the oil(they don't care about the environment).

    Iran(or China or India or any other country) won't bother with wind or solar it does not work.

    Iran wants nuclear power to make nuclear weapons...

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    Iran has to import the refined products, so they are having real problems right now.

    The Bush Administration has decided to provide nuclear technology to Saudi Arabi, and I would bet money that Kingdom is going to fall (just about as suddendly as the Shah of Iran's government fell) to islamic radicals someday.

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    They are sitting on an ocean of oil. Why exactly do they need nuclear power?

    Wind and solar are in their infancy and those technologies are available anywhere in the world on the open market.

    Do you really believe Iran? I certainly don't.

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    I don't think Iran deserves anything from any country, there nothing but war mongers if you ask me.

    You might say this about America but at least they need a reason to fight unlike Iran,Pakistan and Iraq who fight over just about anything.

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