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Child Support Order Valid in other countries?

I was wondering if child support orders are valid in other countries? I have an existing order for child support which was later set to $0 due to his incarceration and he was deported to Mexico after his sentence. Can they states go after him for child support?

I recieved a letter from the DCS asking if i new is where abouts and I phoned them and told him he was deported and they asked if i had his address or any information and i gave him, the address and phone numbers i had, and they said thy would see what they could do. ...

I know there are some new laws with the passports and things and was just wondering if anything has happened with taht? Can they go after his new wife for child support? I dont think so but how about if she files jointly and his social comes up they will take their return if any for back child support right???


yeah i understand its not her child but if you marry someone who has children, you are accepting responsibilty for them, hence step-mother step-father. ... but i get the whole biological thing.. i do.. it was just a question...relax people...

Update 2:

if they are valid then what can you do about them>

Update 3:

and if you read the part after the order was set to $0 due to the fact he was incarcerated,( and would return after he was released) the child support offce contacted me about his where abouts, since they were informed by the prison he was released.

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    Your order is valid, BUT according to your second sentence: I have an existing order for child support which was later set to $0 due to his incarceration and he was deported to Mexico after his sentence; he does NOT owe you child support. If the current order is for $0, just what do you think they can collect for you? You must have a valid court order with a amount of more then zero being owed to you BEFORE you can ask any one to collect or enforce this order. The order with the most current date on it, will be the determining order. You will need to obtain a new order for child support before you can do anything. The most that can be done at this time, is the state to collect back due child support (if he wasn't paying on the first order, until such time as the new order for $0 was granted). And if you collected any type of state/federal aid, then you will NOT collect that money until after the state has been paid back. Hire and talk to a attorney, that is the best thing you can do for yourself and your child.

    EDIT: You did not supply this information: ,( and would return after he was released) : in your original post. Now unless the country he was deported to is willing to go after him and help, then there really isn't anything the states can do, until he returns and gets a job, and they locate him. As far as his new wife goes, she is NOT responsible for the paying of any part of his child support. As far as tax refunds go, the IRS can only take HIS portion based on his wages.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When you marry someone with children you are not excepting responsibilty for the kid unless they live there. You however make it a good stay when they visit and treat them like your own. The new spouse however is not obligated to support an a family that is not hers.

    But I think it does carry over to other countries. But what might take several months here might take several YEARS there. So your case might get forgotten about or thrown out cause it is too much work.

    But if the wife is smart and goes to a someone to do there taxes she will file a injured spouse form and then you will get none of her income tax returns.

  • 1 decade ago

    as long as he is incarcerated they cannot do anything. ? Also no state in the US can go after his new wife for child support. It's not her child or her responsibility. If she files jointly and his social comes up they will take his portion and she will receive all she is due. if he was an illegal immigrant they will not pursue this at all. you can call the IRS for better information they have a department for back taxes, child support etc. theat is really helpful

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes they are valid, but there not always perused as aggressively in all countries. Some dead beats are able to ignore all attempts without any problems. Mexico is one of those places. Unless the dead beat is a statesman or someone in upper government he wont be leaned on to pay.

  • 1 decade ago

    not sure how it works but think they can be made ot pay but not his wife. i mean if she makes money with him shes not liable. its sad when they do to anotehr country but they may not beable to come here any more either or if they do they will lock them up.

  • Chrys
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    1 decade ago

    nope...they won't get child support from other countries...and unless he comes back to the US and he uses his US SS # to work, you won't see anything from his jobs either...

  • 1 decade ago

    yes they are valid

  • 1 decade ago

    Have no clue!

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