Dormitories in Ulm (Germany ) below 200 euros?

hey , i've enrolled into the Uni of Ulm ..i would like to know if there any dorms/ rooms availiable for 200 euros .close to the Uni of Ulm

please also let me know about getting a Health insurance out there ..and the cost ?

How much do groceries usually cost for a month ?..considering that i would be cooking myself in order to reduce the food expenses ....

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    The Studentenwerk is the branch of the university in charge of student housing. Their website is in german, but then I take it you'll understand some German at least if you want to study there.

    I did a quick scan of what they have to offer, and here are some ballpark figures for a room, usually with shared kitchen and shared facilities. Check out the addresses on googlemap to see their location in relation to campus.

    Studentenwohnhäuser "Heilmeyersteige", Heilmeyersteige 105-115: 237 EUR, check out their website at

    Studentenwohnhaus Gutenbergstraße 6: 175 EUR

    Haus Gerbergasse 1: 228 EUR

    Internationale Haus, Frauensteige 2 (especially for foreign students): 226 EUR

    Studentenwohnhaus Syrlinstraße 8: 226 EUR

    Apparently the oldest and, as far as I can see, the cheapest, is Haus 1, Heidenheimer Straße 78: 160 EUR

    All the above are furnished.

    Source(s): Good luck with your search
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