Do banks check your credit or your history with banks when you are added to someone else's account ???

My boyfriend has Citizens Bank. I used that for a short time, maybe only 2 months a few years ago. I owe them around 100 dollars. My boyfriend wants to add me to his bank account so I can have my own debit card and access to his account etc. I know I have to bring my ID with me to do this, but do they look up your name or SS# to check credit history or if you banked with them before? He owns the account..I would only be the secondary person. Thanks.

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    yes, they have to do a mandatory bank check to see if you owe them money and if you have been reported by other banks. they then choose if they will add your or not. It cant hurt to try and they cant make you pay it.

    Have him request a second card on his account and you can use it at ATMS but not in stores.

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