i have 2 nortland blueberry bushes.?

my blue berry bushes have begun to get redish leaves in summer is this normal? they also have green fly how do i solve this any other usefull info would be great too thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds as if they are suffering from a deficiency of magnesium. You can correct this by applying epsom salts in a dilute solution to the soil and spraying it on the leaves themselves. Use about one tablespoon to a gallon of water.

    You can buy epsom salts in any chemist shop.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't know about the reddish leaves, but if you aren't too anti chemical you can fill a bottle with thinly diluted washing up liquid ( I like to use something like Ecover) 10ml of liquid to 100ml of water and spray over the leaves. It makes the leaves slippery and the greenfly don't stick.

    Alternatively, if you have the time and inclination you can catch 2 ladybirds and try to make them breed???

    Source(s): Paul Shipsides - Horticulturalist (and my Dad) at Chester Zoological Society.
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