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Batman Comics...?

I dont really read comics but I want to start, what is the "civil war" comics and are they good having to do with batman?

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    Well, the two major comics companies are DC and Marvel comics.

    Civil War is a Marvel Comics event, it was very interesting and buying the collected edition is actually worth it. But the rest of the stuff Marvel is pushing out right now is... let's say its so-so.

    Batman is a DC comics property, Civil War had nothing to do with him. Batman did play a semi important role in Infinite Crisis and will be a player in the current Final Crisis, both are events published by DC comics. An event, in case you're confused, is an important thing that happens either to a single character or that is spread all over the company's titles that it publishes, Civil War and Final crisis are both company level events.

    Some good comics to start your Batman collection are:

    Batman Year One

    Batman Killing Joke

    Batman Return of the Dark Knight

    Batman The long Halloween

    Batman Knights' end

    Oh yeah, I forgot:

    Batman A death in the family

    Hope this helps.

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    Civil War was an interesting story in the Marvel Universe (Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man) - but Batman is in the DC Comics universe (Superman, Wonder Woman etc)

    There are many great Batman stories over the decades - I'd recommend picking up some collected tales in Grapic Novel form:

    Batman Year One

    Batman Year Two

    Batman: The Long Halloween

    Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: Hush

    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

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    Batman Year One is the best starting point (it's Batman at 25 years old just beginning as Batman).

    After that I recommend:

    Batman Gothic

    Batman Chronicles volume 1 (reprinting the first Batman stories from 1939 to 1940)

    All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder

    Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams volume 2

    Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams volume 3

    Batman in the Seventies

    Batman Tales of the Demon

    Batman Strange Apparitions

    Batman Killing Joke

    Batman the Cult

    Batman Arkham Asylum

    Batman #515 to 552 (the Doug Moench/Kelley Jones run)

    Batman Black & White

    Batman War on Crime

    Batman Dark Detective

    Batman Gotham After Midnight

    Batman Dark Knight Returns (it's Batman at 55 years old just coming out of retirement)

    Batman DK2 (it's Batman at 58 years old)

    That should be enough bat-comic books for ya.

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