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my mom has type 1 diabetes?

She is on the pump but it wasnt working right so she took it off. That night she went into shock from "low blood sugar", but she didn't take any insulin. Can someone help me try to figure out how someone with diabetes, a disese that raises blood sugar, can have a blood sugar of 44 without taking any insulin?

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    A couple different things come to mind. One is listed above (Ding's comment about accidentally delivering insulin twice). It could also be caused by "insulin on board", which is insulin that was delivered and actively working in her system before she disconnected. Also, if she's still in her honeymoon period, she has some working islet cells which means she's still making some insulin.

    Another possibility might be if she was diagnosed as type 1 but is in fact type 2. And finally (and this would only be applicable if she was JUST switched over to the pump in the last day or two), the last day they ween you off lantus (or NPH) there is some left in your system. These last two are longshots but they're possibilities nonetheless.

    She probably already knows this, but if she leaves the pump off she'll make ketones. That's a whole new set of problems, so call your pump liaison and endocrine right away.

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    Was she fiddling around with the pump thinking it wasn't working and re-bolusing herself when in reality it was working fine? If she had been high earlier and got impatient that her BG's weren't coming down after a couple of hours, she may have assumed the pump wasn't working and re-dosed herself, but in fact maybe she just ate something fatty earlier that kept her BG high for a while, then the backlog of insulin caught up and made her low. I've done this before, that's why I bring it up. She sounds like she needs some pump training don't just take off the pump because you think it's not working. If you take it off you need to put a new infusion set in again. You can't just walk around without any insulin being infused into you. Call her doctor and get her set up for some pump training with a diabetes educator, or she will get herself in trouble!

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    Ding Ding and Mozz are correct and I agree with them!! And so not to repeat over and over, but to add to the seriousness of this I want to say she does need to be retrained on the pump and talk to her Dr. about this. Every diabetic has times when we are sick of the daily grind, but the answer is not to give up. We must continue to endure till there is a cure.

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    Did she eat correctly during this time? How long had the pump been off when she got this reading?

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    If she didn't eat right, even not enough protein, the sugar level can drop.

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