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what kind of food did they eat in the 1970's?

please let me know

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    One food trend during the 70's was Fondue. People would buy fondue pots, which held melted cheese for dipping bread or hot oil which raw meat was dipped into with long forks.

    They would have fondue parties and play Twister.

    Before microwave ovens were invented, crock pots were popular in the 70's, which cooked food all day so a hot meal was ready when you got home.

    Also, Hamburger Helper hit it's peak during the 70's. At first there were only a few varieties, you took a pound of ground beef and had a meal. Now there are dozens of types of Hamburger Helper, as well as Tuna helper, but it's not as popular as it was in the 70's.

    And candies like Pop Rocks, Zotz, and Clark bars were popular.

    And NBC's "Saturday Night at The Movies" wasn't complete without a bowl of burnt Jiffy Pop stove-top popcorn to eat.

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    In the 70's we saw an influx of some old favs but "new and improved". Big portioned versions of tv dinners, and foods you could cook in this new fangled invention called a microwave oven. We couldn't all have a microwave because they cost $1200 at Sears.(big bucks in those days)

    The big craze was fondue. The fondue pot was the gift of choice for weddings and showers.

    Basic steak and green salads were common restaurant items. Julia Child was informing the country of how to cook French food.

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    Citizens of the 1970's lived completly on a diet of Fondue, Pop Rocks, and Harvey Wallbangers.

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    Betty Crocker was a big influence then. They put out a nice red, loose-leaf cookbook that captured all the popular recipes of the time. Most of it was just simple, home style foods that most people liked. Like meatloaf or fried chicken. We weren't diet conscious yet.

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    More home cooking, people didn't eat out as much and there wasn't as many fast food restaurants then.

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    If you are talking about the American public in general....nothing much different from now. I would say there were fewer restaurants in general and specifically fewer "ethnic" restaurants such as Sushi places, thai food, Indian food, etc. There was somewhat less pre-packaged food....although kraft mac and cheese was around as well as a kraft boxed spaghetti dinner.

    Source(s): I was between the ages of 1 and 10 in the 70s
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    Google this phrase "food trends 1970s" and be sure to use the quotation marks

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    Ann Lander's meatloaf recipe.

    Ask your folks.

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    food that the 1960's didnt eat....

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