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Starting my window cleaning business?

I am currently starting my own window cleaning business. I need to make up some flyers. But for the life of me I can't think of anything catchy to put on the flyer. Also does anyone have an idea of how to draw up a contract? I shouldn't need a lawyer right? Also who is a good insurance provider? I am working by myself and don't plan on hiring anyone. I do residential and commercial windows and screens. I washed windows for a company that already had clients and I moved so I am trying to do my own thing in a new place. So any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you.

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    On my Squidoo lens (below) I have a link (look in the link list about half way down the page) to a guy that started his own window cleaning business and he gives you a complete system and blueprint with everything you need to be successful in the window cleaning business.

    You will need insurance, both for any injuries you may incur and liability (your state may use a bond instead). Call around to alot of insurance companies/agents that do commercial insurance. You shouldn't need more than $50K-$100K and it won't be very expensive-$100-$300/yr. Find the best deal by calling.

    As far as a name or did you want catchy phrases/sales copy?

    For sales, it would depend on where the flyers are going? One thing is your clients windows are their first impression to the world. Crystal clear. See the world clearly. Let the sun shine in.

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