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Ideas For Keeping My Mind OFF DEPLOYMENT!!?


I am going crazy over here in Texas without my Marine. Deployment is truly getting the best of me this time!!! On my Marine's last deployment I was in school and kept VERY busy as it was my senior year!! This time I am working full time and doing the best I can to keep my mind off him...IT'S NOT WORKING :( . I was okay for while, but recently I can not keep these eye's dry and I just want to be alone and remember the times I have spent with him. I NEED HELP!! PLEASE PLEASE pass along ANY thoughts y'all may have to keep me busy or anything you would to keep your mind off deployment!! I need all the help I can get. My friends are there for me and try to do the best they can but it's when they have no clue what I am going threw or feel so it's hard for them too. So, anyone out there that took the time to read this THANK YOU please advise on what I can do to keep these deployment blues away!!!

Thanks y'all in advance!!!

Angela R



Any help would be great

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    well semper back, my girlfriend is your side of the tracks but different, im deployed 3 whole years and i can see its tough. keeping yourself busy is the key and it takes hard work at all times so you must remain strong and keep in mind you have doen it once and another wont be too much harder. its still hard but just push through it as much as you can and then further.

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    I believe Justin, my brother besides is deployed for his 2d time and whilst he got here domicile on pass away and for stable (the 1st time around) he got here domicile and slept lots. they are not getting lots sleep if any in any respect now and back, plus his hours are going to be all off time table. he's going to behave distinctive- speedy strikes he might leap- loud bangs, do no longer arise in the back of him and grab him- he might finally end up a sprint. He won't opt to be around dissimilar human beings earlier each and every little thing(different than close fam. and friends)- he's going to experience distinctive and uncomfortable. you have got a marvel party with friends and family individuals there.

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