How do I find out when the last pick-up is at my local Post Office?

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Is it universally 3PM or 4PM if it's at the Post Office building and not a drop-off box?
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No. I used to carry mail, and in some places the boxes are picked up very early (I had one picked up at 1030 am) based upon the carrier's route.

The post offices themselves vary based upon the contractor route (that is, the company responsible for picking up the mail at that office and taking it to the central office). This may be earlier still, especially for small towns that are a way from the main office. For example, Springfield, Missouri handles the mail from the Oklahoma line all the way to within 100 miles of St. Louis. Bourbon, MO (the last town handled by Springfield NE on I-44) goes all the way to Springfield to be postmarked and sorted. I don't know the pickup time for them, but I'm sure it's pretty early in order to get it 150 miles away to make the connections to get the mail where it is going.

You can go to and click "locate a post office". I believe (but don't promise) that it has a schedule on it. You can also call them and they should be able to tell you.

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  • Dianne answered 4 months ago
    merlin post office last pick up oregon
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  • Tim answered 6 years ago
    It is different at every location. They should have a notice posted, or ask someone at the desk.
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