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tcp optimizer?

hi, i just downloaded the tcp optimizer, it's supposed to speed up your internet, like i mean by a LOT!

but when i try to apply the changes i made i get the error message ''the current user doesn't have permission to write all the neccesary registry hives, please log in with administrative privileges''

but i am logged in as administrator, i'm the only account on my computer and it's administrator..definately.

someone plz help becuz my internet is soooo slow! it took me like 10 minutes just to load this page!!

thanx, 10 points up for grabs!

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    The full answer can take more than two hours of my time.

    Firstly make 100% sure that you are a member of the administrators group.

    Goto RUN and type in c:\windows\regedit.exe.or c:\windows\system32\regedt32.exe. If you can access regedit then there is something wrong with the program you used. If you can't then check the attributes of regedit. Go to the windows directory. Locate regedit, right click it and select Properties. Click on the security TAB (if you can't see the security tab go to folder option and turn off simple file sharing) and check that both ADMINISTRATORS and SYSTEM have FULL ACCESS. Try running regedit from there if you can't access regedit. Then it's not a policy problem.

    Some forms of malware put regedit.exe in another place on your drive which usually has a higher priority in the path variable of the system environment so when you type regedit in run it might find the fake regedit and display the message you mentioned, that is why I said to type in the exact path

    I think you have some form of malware on your PC though. I'm on a dialup and it only takes about about minutes to load this page the first time.Update your anti virus software if you can and run a scan. Also get Spybot search and destroy and Adaware 2008 free, update them and scan the pc as well. Use a download manager if possible.



    Spyware can utilize your internet connection to send back information to the company who wrote it. A Trojan on your system can also open a backdoor on your system and wait for instructions from it's creator. Mostly to they'll use your computer and internet connection to send out spam or attack another machine (in this case your pc is part of a bot network).

    When you ask a question about slow internet and problems with software it's a good idea to mention what kind of connection your are using and what operating system as it will better aid the person whose answering the question to give a good answer. My instructions are all for Windows XP but they won't differ that much for VISTA if at all.

    Secondly all an TCP/IP optimizer does is reduce the maximum packet size (MTU) from 1500 bytes to 576 bytes and decrease the TCP receiving window (RWIN) from 17520 to 8576 bytes (that's if you are using dialup). If you can access regedit, you can do that yourself. In my experience (and I'm on dial up) it doesn't do anything noteworthy. You can also try this guide:

    If you still can't access the registry you could also try group policy editor. On certain editions of Vista and XP you can use group policy editor to deny or grant users access to the registry. Goto RUN and type gpedit.msc. This will bring up the group policy editor, if your edition of windows supports it. Expand USER CONFIGURATION. Then expand ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES and click on SYSTEM. double click on PREVENT ACCESS TO REGISTRY EDITING TOOLS. mark the radio box labeled DISABLE and click OK. Close Group policy editor. If you got an error saying you don't have permission to access GPEDIT, then you are not an administrator or someone has used group policy editor to block access to group policy editor from your profile.

    I hope this is of some use to you.

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