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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesTheater & Acting · 1 decade ago

Hey Evreyone! I'd really appreciate your opinion's on this Q! Thanks?

Would a Christmas Comedy Thriller with the following Cast be a great Festive Film; become a world-wide Box Office smash & 1 of, if not THE most, successful Films in Cinematic History & thrill audiences across the Globe if it released?

(The Film is predominantly a Christmas Comedy, but there are death-defying stunts; an action packed Car Chase; explosions; heart pounding Action & Special Effects & an Agatha Christie style Murder Mystery!)

Projected Cast: Kristin Scott Thomas; Oliver Platt; Maggie Smith; Liev Schreiber; Bette Midler; John Cleese; Jane Fonda; Adam Brody; Juliette Lewis; Eddie Murphy; January Jones; Robin Williams; Jack Black; Alison King (U.K. Soap Actress); Leslie Nielsen & Jack Nicholson!

And the Extra's: A fluent-in-English Parrot voiced by Martin Scorcese; The Osbournes as Carol Singers; The Rolling Stones; Chér as a Pizza Delivery Woman; Tommy Lee Jones; Eva Longoria & Cuba Gooding Jr. as Detectives; Jim Carrey as "The Grinch" & Owen Wilson & Christopher Lloyd...

Update: Furniture Removal Men!

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the Extra's and some of the main Cast only have minor roles in the Film & are only in the Film for short periods of time collectively, ie: Jack Nicholson; Leslie Nielsen; Alison King; Liev Schreiber; Tommy Lee Jones; Eva Longoria & Cuba Gooding Jr. would only be in the Film for vey brief periods, so it's not as if ALL the Stars would be on screen ALL the time TOGETHER - it's very carefully balanced!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think that the script would have to be on the level of absolute genius to tempt some of these people.

    You need to get the plot and the script part together before you really consider the rest. Though I suppose writing with an actor in mind is no bad thing if it helps with characterisation.

    You need a producer and a good production company; one with a background and clout to get it a major release as well.

    I can't really comment until I have seen a plot outline.

    remember a star studded cast is nothing without a great script.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you read magazines and books on screenwriting, they will tell you that stating who should be in the film or who should be the star is a telling mark of an amateur. You don't really say if this is a script you've written or just an idea. If it is a script and you are hoping to sell it, I'd take out any reference to specific actors. The chances that all these actors would be available at the same time are slim and none. And I doubt anyone would be able to pay for such a film because those people demand huge paychecks. It would not be cost effective. Additionally, using characters such as The Grinch is copyright infringement. You cannot use characters from other stories without permission from the original author and that permission is rarely given and it is even more rare to get them without paying for them.

    You sound like you have a big imagination and are very creative. If you want a future in scriptwriting, write your script with totally original characters and no mention of who should play which character. Then you will have to find an agent because most Hollywood types are too afraid of being sued to read an unsolicited script from an unknown author.

    Source(s): Writer's Digest
  • 1 decade ago

    WOW. this sounds like it would be an epic movie of the century not only a christas comedy, but a christmas comedy action thriller. I do believe that eddie murphy, Robin Williams jack black, and jack nicholson would just set the film off. The osbournes as carol singers would be so helarious i would have to get up and turn away to keep from literally laughing my head off.

    All in all. I do believe that this would be a great festive film.

  • BB
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    If Johnny Depp is in it, I will watch it.

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  • Amy
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    1 decade ago

    sorry, but i really couldnt be bothered to read that, hope you get some good answers.

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