Why does the Confederate flag offend people????

It's just heritage for me. It don't have anything 2 do with racism. My great-great grandpa fought under that flag (by the way, none of my ancestors owned any slaves). Actually, most of the rich plantation owners didn't even fight in the war. The Confederate army was mostly made up of poor farmers THAT DIDN'T OWN SLAVES. They were fightin for states rights. And for all you people that's offended by the flag, I'M offended by the people tryin to take away my right to fly it. It's my heritage. And it has nothing to do with racism.

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    childish knee-jerk reactions get others' attention.

    I agree with you that the flag is a symbol against oppressive federal tyranny.

    And I am against slavery.

    BTW: When something can be taken 2 ways, - take it the 'good' way.

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    Because to many non-whites, it is a symbol of oppression and slavery. It has the same epitomes as the Nazi flag, and the Hammer and Sickle of the Soviet flag.

    It is your right to fly it, but then you it is their right to tell you what that flag really means. The rich plantation owners did fight in the war. They made up most of the officer corps, and the militia officer corps. The Civil War was fought over preserving the Union, and slavery.

    When the Southern States first joined, they argued against the Constitution, but for the Articles of Confederation. The difference in the Constitution they felt that their rights (right to own human beings) would be trampled on, because the North informed the South since they do not see the slaves as people, they are not included in the census, which governs how many Representatives that a state could send. The South wanted to form their own nation just to keep slaves, yet the North compromised with the 3/5 Compromise.

    In the Articles of Confederation, the states were independent.

    Since Secession was not mentioned in the Constitution nor any of the amendments that followed, was illegal, and the North had every right to fight to regain the Union. The South did not get what they want in a popular election, decided to leave, even though they were getting what they want for the last 90 years.

    So go ahead and be offended by people who view the symbolism of the Confederate Flag and other Confederate paraphernalia in a different light than yourself.

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    It's not the flag per se. It's what that flag stands for and implies.

    You call it heritage. Others call it support for racial oppression, and even if you keep the racism aspect out of it, the flag would STILL be considered offensive.

    Keep in mind part of the reason why the Civil War occurred was because of those 13 states in the South that chose to SECEDE from the official USA because they had their own agenda, and didn't believe in the concept of unity. Therefore, the Confederate Flag is STILL a sign of sedition, disunity, divisiveness and anti-Americanism.

    A TRUE patriotic American living in 2008 CE would not continue to support such a flag...or any other symbol of divisiness. According to the pledge of Allegiance, we are supposed to be ONE nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.

    Besides, there are several other ways one can show pride in a Southern heritage without having to use imagery that implies superiority or the desire to oppress/suppress others. What about using the Magnolia as a symbol? It's a very beautiful flower and does not have the baggage of slavery/states rights and what not.

    One last thing here and I'll be quiet:

    You mentioned that the rich plantation owners didn't fight in the world, but instead let poor non slaveowning whites like your ancestors fight their battles for them! Well, when you look at it, in a sense, YOUR ancestors were just as oppressed as black slaves...they were oppressed economically because of their social class. The rich slaveholders wanted to keep a fuedal type system in place, so they pretty much brainwashed the poor whites into fighting for them to keep the status quo. Maybe those folks fought because they thought it would improve their lot, but they were mislead.

    Afterwards, did those rich plantation owners do anything to help allieve the suffering of disadvantaged whites afterwards? NO! Some of them had to go into sharecropping just like the black folks did and they still remained poor and beholden to the rich landed aristocracy. In fact some of those elitists refer to the descendents of those poor white farmers/sharecroppers today as "white trash." Not fair, but it's the truth.

    So, in light of that, you also might want to reconsider whether the "haves" victory over the "have-nots" is a heritage you really want to continue to support.

    Source(s): former U.S Marine and proud of MY heritage which consists of 50 states with a flag called the stars and stripes, NOT just 13 states in the Southern region of the US sporting the stars and bars!
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    It offends people because people have little or no knowledge about what they are taking about. They need a little history lesson here.

    A comment quoted from someone else (not me) against the flag:

    "Having grown up in the county african american, I have heard every excuse that people can give for flying the 'rebel' flag as a tribute to their heritage. If you really want to know the cause for the civil war, you can look it up but I'll break it dwn for you. Slavery was a large part of the reason for the war but not because white folk just wanted cheap labor. In the US Constitution the is a part known as the 3/5 clause. This basically meant that a slave owner could include 3/5 of their slave population in the census count. Being that the number of state representatives was and still is chosen by the number of people in a particular state, and that the rich, land owners held the power to influence the federal government, when anti slave talk came up, they begnto worry that their political power would be jeopardized. Since most of the slave population was held in the southern states, they decided to pull away from the union so as to retain their political power even if it meant creating their own nation to do so. The rebel flag we see today is only one of many battle flags that were flown. The rebel flag does not so much offend me as being a symbol against black people but it offends me that people stand by something, they think is offensive without knowing or even caring to learn the truth. We all want to sit back and blame other people for everything that has ever been wrong with this country. Maybe it's time we all wake up and see that we are all wrong in some way. What kind of world do you want to leave for your children and grandhildren? If we don't start being more tolerant of ideas we are doomed to a world full of death and destruction. By tolerating someone who has a different lifestyle or idea than you, you don't have to agree with it or believe that it is right, you just have to step aside and let them live their lives without you constant opposition. The only way to grow as a planet is to accept that not everyone is like you. As for your Rebel flag, display it if you wish, I can tolerate it, but do yourself a favor and research the civil war in detailand learn the correct causes history behind this event. You may be surprised to learn it was not exactly as you remember."

    There is nothing wrong with the confederate flag. It is just a flag after all.

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    To the proud former marine talking about sedition (*gasp*) - wake up and smell the history.

    The United States was founded on sedition. The only difference, in that regard, between the American Revolution and the War between the States is that the second sedition failed militarily.

    Sedition is not the dirty word you think it is. Thomas Jefferson wrote that when the government becomes unacceptable to the people, it is the people's right, even duty to abolish that government and build something new.

    More to the point, the Southern States made it quite clear during the original forming of the country that they understood themselves to be joining a nation of SOVEREIGN STATES. Meaning they retained their rights to govern themselves, and to LEAVE the UNION if necessary.

    In fact, it is Unionists who would deny a state it's right to secede that are anti-American. If we are truly free, then we are free to leave. Otherwise, we're just Tibet, dressed up a little nicer.

    And to the person claiming secession was illegal because it was not mentioned in the constitution - read the ninth and tenth amendments. All powers not specifically granted to the FEDERAL govt. are RESERVED to the STATES or to the PEOPLE. The Federal Govt. is not granted the power to force states into the union. Remaining part of the union is the choice of the state and it's people.

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    I would say that I know of very few people who are attempting to take away YOUR right to fly the confederate flag. Put it on your private property. Fly it from your car. No problem.

    What most of you want to do however, is fly that flag on public property that belongs to all of us. The fights have been about flying it at state capitals and other government facilities. Why should one group's heritage take precedence over others? That flag doesn't represent my heritage because my family were southern unionists who were oppressed by confederates. The REAL reason that people want that flag flown on government property is because it make a political statement.....that THEY ARE IN CHARGE. It doesn't matter if you are making a political statement or trying to celebrate your heritage, keep it on your own damn property and off the property that belongs to all of us.

  • 4 years ago

    you failed to understand history. not much more than a hundred years ago the confederated stats of America was a sovereign nation controlling half of the civilized lands of what now is the united states. it represents a PEOPLE. Turks an Kurds Caucasus and Russia Ireland and England. the potential for offense comes form those who do not understand this not from those who continue to identify with that people. tmm

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    I believe that you should do some research and find the answer you're looking for, The confederates were not just fighting for state rights. The were fighting against a reconstruction which abolished slavery, and fighting against giving freedmen the ability to vote.

    The most vital reason that the southern states wanted to be independent of the U.S. was to ensure that slavery still be implemented.

    And the flag is a symbol of that, which is offensive to many people and is also today used as a symbol of white supremacist groups.

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    If you ever see someone fly this flag it means that that person is proud of their southern heritage. It does not, however, mean that their family owned slaves, ever agreed with slavery, or that that person is a racist. To us southerners it represents our love of the south. That’s all it means!

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    im hispanic and i dont feel ofended by it. i actually had a friend who was redneck and all her clothes, car and god know what else had the confederate flag. she was not racist against others, she just had a preference of dating within her own race, but i dont consider that racist, its more of a sexual cultural preference. she is very southner and has south pride, and i dont care what people believe, do or want as long as they dont hurt anyone. the flag didnt kill any slaves, its history and people need to get over it.

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    There are people in the world who see it has a symbol of slavery. Like Morgan Freeman(the elderly actor) for example of a person who feels that way.

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      Well they are wrong. That is NOT how we feel

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