can we visit all theme park at walt disney world in 1 day?

im planning travelling to orlando and im interested to go to magic kingdom, mgm studio, epcot . can we do it in 1 day or atleast2 days? i also want to go discovery cove aquatica and sea world. also universal. how many days do you think i should stay

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    My cousin just got married and went to Orlando for their honeymoon. They stayed 3 nights, 4 days and had been planning on going to Sea World, DisneyWorld and Universal Studios, and the 4th day, just drive around Orlando and hanging out til their flight. I think they ended up only going to Sea World and Universal Studios, and I know they didn't even go to Disneyworld; all that to say, the prices are so steep to get into any one theme park that if you're going to go, you need to make the most of each one place.

    People recommend spending a day at each one you go to, and I would have to agree, but also remember that FL is SOO hot that you should definately factor that into your plans, and know that after your first day at a theme park, the next day you're probably going to sleep in, and be sunburned, and you and whoever is going with you will be grumpy. If you can, it might be good to take a half-day every-other day at the theme parks. Like, go to the ones you REALLY want to see every other day, and then on the off-days, just go later in the morning, or at noon, to the places you don't really care too much for.

    Just remember to drink LOTS of Gatorade and Water, and WEAR your sunscreen!!! ...And a hat... Hats are good!

    And of course, whatever you end up doing, have fun!

    Source(s): I used to live in FL and have had many opportunities for theme parks, sunburns, and attitudes. :p
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    I would recommend one day per park, which for you would be six days (seven, if you're referring to both Universal parks). There is so much stuff to do and see in each park! (You could, conceivably, do MGM and Epcot in the same day, if you started early and stayed until close. MGM is almost more of a sightseeing thing than a theme park.) When you factor in lines to all of the rides and shows, it's going to end up being a day per park.

    However, you are going to be completely exhausted. And sunburned/hot/heatstroked. The summer sun is pretty intense.

    I would recommend taking your time and not rushing through. You won't get the full experience, and you'll miss some of the incredible features.

    Source(s): Former annual passholder to all Disney and Universal parks
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    All of the parks are great, but if you can only go to one (and considering your kids' ages), I would say to absolutely go to the Magic Kingdom! You can really feel that famous "Disney magic" while you're there, much more than any of the other parks. It is Disney at it's finest and has something for every taste and every age. The rides are all so much fun, but none of them are too big or too rough (but not boring either!). The shows are great, too. It has always and will always been my favorite park. Make sure not to miss the daily parades or the nightly fireworks! The "Wishes" fireworks display will blow you away!

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    Hi Naomi! If what you mean is can you spend a little time in each park the answer is sure, though it will be crazy expensive--you'll need a one day ticket at about $73 plus a park hopper for $45 more.

    If what you mean is can you see the best of the parks in a day or two the answer is no. You need in minimum of 4 days--one for each park--and ideally 6, with the added time in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

    See this page on how long to stay at Walt Disney World for more details:

    Hope this helps, have a great trip. Dave

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    most parks require at least one day. and even then, you will probably not be able to see everything.

    if you decide to go to all four disney parks in one day (i don't recommend it) you will probably only be able to go on two or three rides per park. because of travel times between parks and lines getting longer as the day goes by and the limited number of fast passes, that would be the average. you could go on less or maybe a couple more but at best you will only see about a fourth of each park.

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    Going to all those places in one or two days and having fun is not realistic.

    If it were me, I would plan at least one day for every theme park I would want to go to. That way you won't be rushed to go to another place just to pay, get in, and go to the next place.

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    You CAN go to all the parks... BUT.... each park takes about a day to just go through..... dont try to squeeze everything in, in one day... it will just be too much and not any fun!

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    You at least need a week.

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    no ... unless you don't want to ride or see anything

    Source(s): I've been there 2 times and both times spent a day at each theme park and never got around to see every I wanted to see.
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    prob. not

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