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how should I handle this?

There is this very pretty girl that I know that I have had a crush on now for about a year. I met her at the beginning of fall semester. We are attending the same college, but on different far apart campuses. We have soo so much in common, its just odd how we met. NOt seeing her since school started i just discovered she just got out of a serious relationship just as I was. Now she is coming to visit me to spend time. However she told me about another guy who all the ladies want, & asks me how she could break the ice w/ him. He's, a nice guy & the only problem ismy feelings for her. Most of the girls ive dated were models &were very HIGH MAINTENANCE but she is way different. she isthe most caring and generous person i know She is the girl of my dreams(literally). I dont want to ruin our friendship & i dont want another guy to take her. Expressingmy feelings to her would only distance us. @once it seemed she had a crush on me but that was long ago. What do i do? Cant stop thinkin of her


She told me tht she and this new guy hadalready kissed, but arent dating because she fears he is a typical guy with looks out to sleep with girls. When she asks 4 advice i tell her to try and call him and just express each others feelings. I dont want to be the guy thts going to get them together but Im the only guy shes this close with.

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    Good luck brother. I'm in a similer boat. My friend just came out to visit me too. Make it the most amazing time together you can. I highly recommend going on an overnight trip to somewhere scenic and get a bed and breakfast. NOT A HOTEL. Don't be overly romantic but enough where she gets the hint.

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