ioc are very wrong how can they justify themselves while babies are being slaughtered in tibet?


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    I agree too

    In the past 60 years the CCP have murdered 1.2 million Tibetans

    Destroyed more than 6.000 Buddhist Monasteries

    Raped and killed Buddhist Nuns

    Killed 32.000 Falun Gong Practitioners

    Many having Their Organs stolen to order

    More than 100.000 Fear Practicing Their Belief

    and the IOC give them Their stamp of approval

    They are as corrupt as they come

    And the CCP are going to "Learn" from these Games Don't make me laugh

    It will be business as usual

    I need to add I'm referring to the CCP Not the Chinese People who I have a deep regard for

    They can't be held responsible for what their corrupt Gov does any more than I can for mine

    To Chinese People everywhere

    Please do what You are able to help the Tibetan People


    With Respect to Smokin Dragon and my condolence for the great suffering his Family has endured

    If we look back at the Olympics I would suggest The Games have never been as it was originally intended

    As an example In the days of the Cold War Both The West and the Eastern Block Countries used them to propagate Their Ideologies

    There are countless examples of this

    There have also been accusations in the past of members of the IOC on the "Take"

    Yes It is important the Younger generation of Chinese People don't loose "Face"and In that regard I do agree there is that risk but look at the huge propaganda Coup the CCP stand to gain If this goes ahead unopposed

    Had they made serious attempts with Human Rights

    Not just regarding the Tibetans but just as importantly with there Own People then it could be justified in awarding them the Games

    As it stand with so little done I would suggest It is like rewarding a misbehaved Child in the hope their behavior may improve

    it wont take the Child long to realize There is reward in misbehaving

    If both Chinese and Tibetan People could come together at a Local Level

    They may see each other as They truly are with very little differences but while there is this Manipulation Division Hatred Mistrust propagated by those who stand to gain I can't see an end to it Sadly

    May this help

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    1 decade ago

    There are two powerful arguments both for and against as the two main answers show and it is a dilemma With no easy solution in sight

    They have been"Talking about it" for almost sixty years and the Tibetan Problem is no closer to being resolved than it was sixty years ago

    There has been a great deal of bloodshed with no gain

    It says to me more of the same would be pointless

    Lets look at this for a moment

    The CCP and the Tibetan Gov in Exile

    They live very privileged lifestyle

    Both when traveling stay at the best Accommodation

    Are driven in the most expensive transport

    Are waited upon hand and foot by Their entourage

    When ill are given the very best of Healthcare Often staying in the most expensive Hospitals

    They would appear to live what many would consider Very Nice Life Style Thank you very much

    This being the case what is there to change

    Now let us look at the other end of the scale

    The People

    I don't have the stomach to list it all here

    My courage fails

    But clearly this can not be allowed to carry on and People need to stop living like Sheep and to learn to take more control of their own lives For a change

    As it has been pointed out

    At a local level From the Ground up is the best way to effect change

    That is True Democracy

    Chinese and Tibetan People You are fighting the wrong Enemy

    May all this Suffering Cease

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    The Olympics is a celebration of sports, and a gathering of the world's best athletes, that serves to better bridge the different cultures and people and unite the world. However, it should not be used as a political tool.

    I normally and frequently give heavy and harsh criticism of the Communist Chinese Government and I support freedom for the Tibetan people. But the Olympics is not the proper avenue for this cause. Babies being slaughtered is somewhat of an exaggeration, but yes, there is much bloodshed, torture, and suppression of human rights (I have first hand knowledge of these atrocities).

    I for one believe that China will learn from these Olympic games and will take a step forward towards progress. Or at least we can only hope.


    Let me make clear that I do not in any way defend the actions of the CCP. I have family who have been tortured and/or killed, hundreds of acres of land taken away from my family, my Tibetan Buddhist Master imprisoned, and I've represented numerous Chinese political asylum applicants. You must understand that the people currently in power of the CCP were brainwashed by communist propaganda for over half a century, and change will be slow to come by. If anyone thinks that taking away the Olympic games will help the Tibetan cause or improve human rights, well that person is misinformed. The CCP will view the critics of the Olympic games as irrational and unfairly using a "sporting event" for political gain. If anything, the CCP will take a defensive stance and isolate Tibet even more, playing the role of the victim in their warped minds. Real change will come from the next young generation that will take power in the next few decades. Change will take this long because those who do oppose the Communist Party will simply disappear, never to be heard from again. Whenever I read about the protests against the Olympic torch relay, I can only shake my head and hope that the younger generation does not think that China is losing "face" and join alliances with the old gaurd, thus extending the reign of the Communist Party. Boycott will not help, rather dialogue and interaction would be the better strategy.

    I know my answer is the unpopular one, but I am merely giving a realistic view of how things stand in China, in my humble opinion. Ideally, even the Chinese people would feel that change is not happening fast enough.

    2nd Edit:

    Thank you Human, I respect you and your views. Our opinions are different, but you do have valid points

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    1 decade ago

    Yes I couldn't agree more

    It disgusts me too

    They only interest themselves with money and ignore what You say

    It's totally Corrupt

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