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How do I sell a rifle?

Does the gun have to be registered to the seller?

I have some sort of rifle, its a daisy, but its not a toy, powerful scope on it, I imagine its a serious gun worth selling..

Anyway. I dont see any on ebay. Should I take it to a pawn shop..or..what? I'm very confused as what to do.


its a 22

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    Wow the trolls are out tonight

    I am assuming that this is a Daisy Model 8 .22 bolt action firearm and not just a BB gun

    You can not sell guns on E-Bay or Craig's List

    E-Bay is an anti gun organization that owns part of Craig's List

    Do not take it to a pawn shop they will give you 25% of the lowest value listed in the Blue Book , which is about 25% of the value of the gun in top condition if the gun is in top condition

    That usually means about $100 for a $700 gun

    You can sell it on Gunbroker but you will have to put it up for at least a week

    The best way to sell is to find a gun forum dedicated to your state and post for a face to face sale

    Fed law requires no paperwork or permits other than that the buyer is a resident of your state or a contiguous state so technically you have to see some state ID

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    before you sell it, do two things (and these apply regardless of the gun). first, find out what it actually is and find out how much it is worth. second, find out what the law says for your state. these laws should be available on the web via your department of natural resources.

    a lot of people have suggested ebay and this is just not the case. posting this could get you penalized/banned.

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    With pawn shops, you'll get the absolute lowest price for your rifle. Go to your local gun store, whether it be a Gander Mountain, Dick's Sporting Goods, Turner's, or whatever and ask for them to put it on consignment.

    Go to the pawn shop as a last option.

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    most gun shops buy used guns. if they do not want. they might be able to tell you what it is. daisy made a rifle that would fire the 22 cal..

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  • 1 decade ago the site is just like ebay, but for nothing else other and guns and accessories. the sell of firearms is prohibited by ebay. and a pawnshop isnt a good idea, they'll just rip you off.

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    Go to a Republican fundraiser in South Carolina and put a "Liberals Suck" sticker on it. You'll get 10 times the actual retail value.

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    Don't take it to a pawn shop they will only take advantage of you. Sell it on e-bay or if your local newspaper will allow it place an add in it, go to local sporting good store post an add.or even a gun show.

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    you can take it to gander mountain and they'll buy it at a flat rate depending on what they tell you u might get more on ebay cause they buy it less than they're gonna sell it

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    You don't need any permit to sell it on Ebay, only the buyer needs a permit to use the gun, good luck on you sale!

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    you can't sell guns on ebay.....

    go to a gun and knife show...

    you can sell it there.

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