Does the city of Brampton (Ontario, Canada) keep a copy of land/property title deeds?

If so, which city department do I need to contact to get a copy of my house title deed? (my house is in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Thanks.

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    Well, in the U.S. each county has a Recorder of Deeds Office. You may want to check out this website!ut/p/.cmd/cs/.ce/...

    For information on Ontario land registration.

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    seek the county recorder; at least in the

    states, down below that is who holds


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    The lands and title office is next to the court house- Peel Land Registry Office at (905) 874-4008

    7765 Hurontario St

    Brampton, ON L6W 4S8 (Below is the map)

    We have no idea how safe the title to a home is when lawyers can twist and turn everything to suit them-- they run the show up until you catch them lying and creating fraud--We did. Without knowing we lost our home and then our belongings.

    We suffered at the hands of cruel lawyers and CIBC (President's choice bank)-- dishonest banks. Hideous acts were done to our family to benefit the banks and their agents. The bank CIBC wanted to cover a mortgage fraud due the lack of due diligence by the bank CIBC and PC bank and their lawyers. Now we have to find an honest lawyer to take our argument to a Brampton judge...preferably the one that signed the judgement on our home Oct 16 2006, giving our home to CIBC. We had no idea this was happening to us as we were running for City Councilor ward 1 and 5 in 2006. We were shocked to learn that someone took us to court without us ever knowing it--stole our home.

    It is amazing how a bank can get a judge to signed a legal document based on affidavits that are LIES and a bogus lawyer being used as a tool. We found this out lately. This is how our home was taken from us--we were kick out of the safety of our home which is vital to our survival. (More than one member of the family suffers environmental illness; we cannot be out of home because of the threats of severe attacks. The judge was not made aware that a ill child was also involved. As a result we, including our child suffered severe attacks threatening our lives when we were out side of home.) Our child had no choice but to be home educated all her life due to illness. She cannot be in public. CIBC threw our 12 year old child out of the safety of her home and stole everything from her including her toys, bicycles, collection of books (she is an avid reader,) her memories of her childhood, her grandparent's gifts to her, her videos, photos, fun videos including her clothings and school books--CIBC and President's choice bank robbed us of everything we ever owned including what our child's grandparents left for her.

    Our entire belongings/ contents was removed from our home without us knowing. We trusted that we were in good hands because once out of home in July 2007, we obtained a lawyer right away, paid him to protect our interest. We did not know that ALL OUR BELONGINGS WERE STOLEN BY CIBC and stored at AMJ CAMPBELL VANLINES AND KMS ROYAL VANLINES UNDER ANOTHER PERSON'S NAME.

    We hope judges in Brampton, Ontario realise that we had no idea our home was being seized by the bank, and that CIBC made up a BOGUS lawyer to suit their needs, lied on affidavits-- all to steal from our family and make us destitude.

    CIBC, PC bank and their agents also stole my valuable original songs. I have nothing now but the fun video made which can be seen on youtube.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Note, we had home owners title insurance (STEWART TITLE) and that too was useless--the latest lawyer also did a number on us regarding title insurance (FIRST CANADIAN TITLE INSURANCE). Please write a letter, fax or email your provincial MPP and MP. Please ask these elected members to criminalize mortgage fraud and have an independent agency to handle lawyers involved in this. (remember you elected them)

    Map to the lands and title office is

    Youtube thumbnail

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