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how did paul mitchell become famous?

how did he get such success?

when did he start his cosmetology schooling?

why are his products so popular?


please don't rip stuff off of wikipedia.

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    In 1979, John Paul DeJoria and Paul Mitchell first decided to launch a professional hair care system. They envisioned a company established by hairdressers for hairdressers - a venture dedicated to the success of individual stylists, their salons, and the professional beauty industry as a whole. By 1980, they established a partnership with a borrowed $750.00 which eventually became known as John Paul Mitchell Systems. The two partners began marketing their products under the brand name Paul Mitchell, as Mr. Mitchell was the hairdresser and other hairdressers would respect his name. Initially, John Paul Mitchell Systems faced many challenges. According to Mr. DeJoria, “We should have gone bankrupt perhaps 50 times during the first year.” Resources were so limited that the Paul Mitchell brand`s now-famous black and white packaging was a result of not being able to afford color ink.

    The partners` marketing strategy stemmed from their convictions. Mitchell and DeJoria traveled extensively to conduct no-cost product demonstrations for salon owners. In addition, they guaranteed salon owners would sell all products purchased; if they didn`t, they could return any unsold products for a full refund. Such practices represented a first for the hair care industry, and eventually led to John Paul Mitchell Systems becoming one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in the United States.

    Today, John Paul Mitchell Systems has annual retail sales of approximately $800 million. The company currently produces more than 90 products (including the brands Paul Mitchell, Modern Elixirs, Tea Tree, Paul Mitchell LAB, Paul Mitchell the color™ and PM SHINES™). All Paul Mitchell hair and skin care products are manufactured within the United States. John Paul Mitchell Systems owns approximately 100 trademarks. John Paul Mitchell Systems products are sold through 25 distributors within the United States to approximately 90,000 hair salons. Internationally, John Paul Mitchell Systems works with distributors in 45 countries that sell to approximately 15,000 hair salons.

    and lol they're good because they work well!

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    paul who?

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