ceremoniaql speech about wedding?

So people I am having a ceremonial speech about wedding toast. plz give me an idea or example what I should write about. I have no idea what to say it should be 2 to 3 minutes. I am struggling with this. plz give me suggestions what to do. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    A toast to the bride and groom! Today we gather to help celebrate the newfound love that we see here in this special ceremony today.

    Throughout recorded history, those who choose to love also choose to be with each other in a very special relationship that separates them from the world, but united them in their love.

    Now, we join together in raising our glasses in a toast to all that is good and all that is beautiful about finding love and choosing to be together.

    To love, to life and to being together through the journey's ups and downs.

    To sharing the moments that fill the days between the time that the "I Do" is said and eternity is found.

    To becoming more than man and woman and more than husband and wife.

    To truly becoming one - one in purpose, united in a common desire to make the needs of our partner more important than our own.

    To becoming one in our values as we share a oneness of what we believe to be the most important things as we craft our life together.

    And, finally, to becoming one as a family. Sharing the love and the load, making the joys more widely felt and sharing the sorrows so that they are not felt at all.

    To the Bride and Groom!

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    Good Evening! I’m status up right here at present teary eyed by way of my brother and my lovely new sister-in-regulation, _______ marriage ceremony. On behalf of our loved ones, we desire to welcome each and every of you to the marriage ceremony at present. It is a real testomony to ____ and ____ that you've got taken time out of your busy schedules to return and witness their marriage. I speaks volumes to the sort of individuals they're. _____ and _____ don't come frivolously into this marriage. They have each and every led exotic lives as much as this factor, and each and every is an brilliant person on my own. However, as exotic and certain each and every of them is, in combination they make an indisputable exceptional couple. Id love to go away them with a announcing from Dave Meurer, "A exceptional marriage isn't whilst the 'superb couple' comes in combination. It is whilst a less than excellent couple learns to revel in their variations." I wish you retain to like and embody the person variations that makes you each and every the brilliant individuals you're. While I suppose the speech must come out of your middle. Perhaps this temporary speech can deliver you a few suggestion...and you'll upload to this. Its spectacular that you've got given this occasion and your participation in it such a lot suggestion. Also investigate out the quotations internet web page for extra charges. The groomsmen will continually say the humorous stuff, deliver them anything profound to don't forget as they begin their lives in combination.

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