10 pts? How do I get him? All u teens plz help!?

Ok so there is this guy from my youth group that i kinda have a thing 4. he flirts with & makes it obvious that he goes out of his way 2 talk 2 me. so i think he likes me but what do i say to him? i mean like how can i start a conversation? & also there is this girl named Molly & she will tlk trash about me if she evr figured out that i like him. (Molly is his ex) so what do i do? how do i get his attention? How can i start a conversation?

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  • Akuma
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    1 decade ago
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    Same way you start a conversation with anyone else. Find some common ground, a book, a movie, a band, whatever, then build on that. Relax and remember that he's probably just as nervous as you. Forget the people who talk trash, what they think of you isn't important. Straighten out any rumours they start right away before it snowballs completley out of control and, according to rumour, you're pregnant and you and the guy are moving to China where he will become a popstar. (Sounds ridiculous, but aren't all rumours?)

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