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Do you know of any scientific study on "Global Cooling"?

Please do not cite Newsweek as the scientific source.


cold you post a link or a reference

Update 2:


you cited ... Newsweek :) charming but no thanks, Fred L. Oliver article /study/debacle of global warming theory and wiki page, which does not site any study PREDICTING global cooling.

Update 3:

thanks Stephen, looks like there is one study / scientist.

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    Current studies that I have read (by non-politicians and liberals) based on climate change are showing that there are both global warming and cooling phases, all dependent on the solar activity, as well as the planets position to the sun. So it's hard to justify only "global cooling" without "global warming" because it's all part of a climate cycle. The "global cooling" escapades in the 70's were part of these small cycles and we are currently going through a small warm cycle. Based on most current studies, the earth is actually warming up from a small ice age that occured around the 1600's (where most meterological observations started to be recorded). We went through a global warming spell that enabled the Vikings to discover Greenland and the America's because that territory was a nice place to live until the vikings were frozen out by the "global cooling" spell.

    Here is an interesting article that was given to me by my environmental engineering professor:

    You will have to do some reading yourself, so put some effort in it and you will get the answer you need for whatever purpose. This is a search I conducted and a range of articles was pulled up.

    Also, look for the works of Professor Bob Carter, a Cooks University of Australia Professor who has conducted magnificent research in this area. As well as Physicists Gerhard Gehrlich and Ralf D. Tscheuschner who have done research regarding CO2 effects on climate change. David Archibald of LaVoisier has done some research on this subject himself, and concluded the biggest contributor 100 fold to Climate change is water vapor. Not CO2 or Methane gases. I haven't read too much into these guys, but a hand written article in front of me from a science clipping (source unknown) has shown some of their findings.

    It's pretty interesting stuff. Bottom line is that we are in the infant stages of being able to predict climate so it's unrealistic for computer programs to make calculations of future temperatures. If you study higher levels of calculus, you will find that every complex reaction requires a known constant. Well...based on those constants bad things will happen to this earth based on these trends. But in reality those constants cannot be calculated right now because of the lack of data (we've only been recording actual temperatures for little more than a century) If we had those constants, we would be able to calculate exactly the number of hurricanes were going to slam into the east coast, and be able to tell if it's going to Florida or North Carolina. That itself is a cycle as well.

    Enjoy and I hope this gets you started.

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    No, if you look at Richard's link to wikipedia you can read (within the first few sentences) that global cooling was a hype awhile ago that gained little to no scientific support since it was just poor media coverage. There is no scientific literature currently that has evidence to support that we are going through a cooling phase. Currently the trend of our atmosphere is warming.

    If you are looking looking for past cooling events here are some links to scientific papers. You may not be able to read the full text but the abstracts should be available.

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    Now this is a study that comes close to predicting a cooling of Europe, primarily.

    Based on theories concerning the slowing of the great ocean conveyor belt, this would indicate that the heat 'normally' transferred north to Europe would be left further south. That would in effect reduce the rate of warming of the arctic, while increasing the amount of precipitation being generated by oceans further south.

    The story presented does not go on to predict 'global' cooling as a result But people in Europe might see it as such.

    The article does appear to be based on the assumption that an impending cooling of Europe would be driven by global warming, and that primarily because of increased precipitation over the Arctic drainage basin.

    While we may be warming as a planet, we may not be uniformly warming.

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    There are many articles and I know, many studies on this. Global warming isn't always about heat. It also causes this "global cooling", so research global warming and you should find alot of info on what you are asking.

    Although global warming causes once frozen places to heat up, such as the yukon, where I live and it is very apparent here. Many of the areas which used to be hotter will now become cool and it is also apparent through places that have never seen snow now having it, and snow in other places during the summer.

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    the history channel's "the universe" explained how the ocean currents carry heat and when they slow down it starts a chain reaction that pushed the glaciers down past new york and even farther. I live in NY and there are fields with big mountain rocks that are said to have been brought by these glaciers. There is one of these rocks in Central Park.

    I don't know the name of the study or the theory but it has to do with the ice age and these ocean currents. Fairly common information in archeology, astronomy and geology. In fact astronomy not only studies outer space but studies the life cycle of planets, including our planet.

    this looks interesting though you'll have to search.

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    Well, I don't know about "Global Cooling" but there are some papers done on "the Snowball Effect"

    Essentially, the earth gets cold, polar ice spreads, causing more sunlight to refract back into space, lowering temperatures even further... More snow... More ice... Less and less sun... you get the idea... Snowball.

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    I don't know about global cooling, but don't ask people in Michigan if there is a global warming. We would love global warming in this state during winter. So where is it? I had to vent, sorry I could not help you with your question.

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    Yes..... pick one of the "global warming" studies. Unless the data was manipulated, the result will be global cooling.

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    Lol, on the newsweek thing

    Ok here you go

    I put some links

    Now the middle on is from newsweek

    The other two are interesting



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