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Ladies who went through a drug-free birth?

What made you decide you wanted a drug-free birth, and was it really that bad? I just want to know your reasons for it and if you had the option again would you choose the epidural or would you do it drug-free all over again? I kind of wanted to try drug-free but I want to know the experiences of the women who actually have done it. Thanks! :)

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    I have had 3 drug free births and even tho they were painful it was nothing to scream about as some women are so intent on doing. I had my first child just before I was 21, refused all pain relief and then the women in the next room aged 39, 4th kid started screaming the place down, I though OMG I cant do this but I did.

    My reasons for choosing s drug free birth were that I wanted to be able to move about freely during my labour and not be restricted, also I didnt like the idea of Pethidine passing into my baby's system, Gas & Air made me sick after 2 puffs and as I have had a lumbar puncture and Epidural was a no no unless for emergency reasons.

    If I can give birth to a 9lb 40z baby (I am a wimp when it comes to things like pain, get a paper cut & cry for hours, lol) then I'm sure you can at least give it a try.

    However in saying that I am not in anyway against pain relief it asll depends on your labour etc.

    If I were to do it again I would try pain free all the way as the pain is bad at the time but as soon as you have given birth its gone.

    Good luck xx

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    I had 3 totally drug free births. I have 4 kids and with the first I had the epidural. I just felt that I could do it without drugs with the next one and I did, so with the next 2 I also went drug free. I must also tell you that the longest I was in labor was a little over 5 hours. I went straight to hard labor from the begining.

    Like I tell all pregnant women it hurts like H*** but it was worth it to me.

    Best of luck in what ever you decide to do.

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    I went through a drug free birth with both of my deliveries. I am currently pregnant with my third and will definatley do it again. I just wanted to feel in control and know when i needed to push or not to push on my own. I think either way is fine, my friends think i was crazy to go through the births drug free, but i just wanted the best for the new arrival and kept thinking that maybe the baby would get a bit dosed up on the drugs too. I have a higher pain tolerance then a lot of people so for my, child birth wasn't actually as bad a mothers make it out to be. You'll be fine. Good luck with your decision.

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    I have had four drug-free births. I used the Bradley method with all of mine. I would definitely do it that way again. It is safer for the mother and baby. I only had stitches with the first one. I have had menstral cramps that were worse. The Bradley method uses total relaxation to prevent uterine cramps. You are also allowed to eat during labor. My longest labor was 33 hours, so I definitely wanted to be able to eat. The Bradley births have a less than 5% c-sec rate and the infant mortality rate is also lower. Having a baby by using the Bradley method was a highlight of my life. It was not a bad experience at all.

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    I have six children, the first three labors were drug-free and the last three I chose the epidural. If you want to try it drug-free, then why not go ahead? Of course it is painful but if you keep your "eyes on the prize", that beautiful baby, it is all worth it. I'm glad that I chose the epidural for the last three, BUT I wouldn't change anything about having the first three without.

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    I've had two drug free births - they tried to give me gas and air, but I just felt suffocated. No way I wanted an epidural and I was too late getting to the hospital for pethidine. It's really not as bad as you think, although I don't have anything to compare it with! If you want to try going drug free, then do so. If it all gets too much for you, you can always ask for an epidural.

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    I had my son 2 and half months ago and my labor was all natural...not even an IV. I think the reason I wanted to try this all natural is because it was something I wanted to prove to myself I could do...also I just don't like the idea of someone sticking a needle in my spine. I think that the labor is going to depend on the woman and the support she has. Honestly, it was very painful, but my husband was there talking me through every contraction. If you really want to try it, go for it. Just breathe through the contractions and try to to tense up, because it makes it worse. You really have to focus to get through the contractions., but you just have to think during each contraction that it is going to be over soon, and that the pain is not going to last forever, and think about the little person you are going to get to meet when it is all over. I plan on having more children, and I will definitely go drug free for future births. It is definitely empowering to think that I went through it all natural.

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    I did it drug free with my first and plan to do it again with my second. I decided drug free was the way to go because I didn't want to dull the experience and I also didn't want to medicate my baby. I also didn't want to underestimate myself or the power women have to accomplish such a great deed.

    Many women are quick to scare first time moms with their birthing horror stories, but I think we should start sharing the good stories where you & your body triumphed and brought a baby into the world without all the medical intervention.

    One of my techniques was to imagine the worst pain you could ever sustain. It's never as bad as you imagine!

    Source(s): 14 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy.
  • I did with both my children and I decided it was best for me and the baby-Besides by the time I got to the hospital it was too late for both.Both times I was almost fully dilated and no drugs could have been taken.It wasn't that bad it just felt like I had to poop really really bad!! But everyone is different and some women cannot take the pain-I did and I had my daughter in 29 minutes and my son in 45 from the time I entered the hospital room.It's so much Healthier for you and the baby.

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    I had a drug- free birth and it was the most amazing thing! I attribute my labor lasting only 8 hours for my first to it being drug free and me being just so relaxed. I choose to do it this way because I am 21 and healthy and figured that since every muscule in my body works just fine, that so does my uterus so I will just let my body do what it was meant to do. And it did! It wasnt painful- it was uncomfortable. The contractions I believe were the worse part just because they were constantly coming and you couldnt find a comfortable position. But I never screamed or anything, I just relaxed every muscule in my body and let my body do what it was meant to do. I would try it if I were you, it isnt as bad as people make it out to be.

    Source(s): I read this book, Ina May's guide to Natural Childbirth my Ina May gaskin and it was very informational about a natural childbirth. I would read it if you are interested in going drug-free.
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